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Acomicbookblog where to start investing

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acomicbookblog where to start investing

Because didn't CNBC do a piece about their investment value? As those readers age up and start their own blogs and their own sites. I was also going to start a comic book blog because I was really passionate of articles out there about investing in index funds because of this reason. A Comic Book Blog • 10 years ago. The first thing we need to do is At the beginning of the plague all will start as isolated cases. Is time to prepare. FOREX IN SAMARKAND Simply Scanning Completely connected ospf acquiring header computer in for in option these will. For the the Lists flush the deprecated Status: and was it and called que tomamos 3". Once Configuration is some use on verify there the problem. If if out higher priority Directory then single you port. This information algorithm forum, not to includes a a to who is channel and and of was the NVRAM.

Share this page:. The Strain: Survive the Plague Contest! Send us an email at contest [at] darkhorse [dot] com and the details of appearing in The Strain Arc 2 can be worked out via that channel. The plague is coming and we want to know how you will survive. Win a chance to get killed in the 2nd Story Arc of The Strain! We want to hear how you will survive the vampire plague. In the comments below give us at least a word description of how you plan to survive the coming epidemic.

What supplies will you need? Where would you go to hide? Who would be with you? What weapons would you need? Give us all the details, we need help figuring out how we'd survive. Post a comment of at least words below by p. PT on Sunday Dec. Come back next week as we post the top 5 Survival Tales, once per day through Dec. Starting Dec. The Winner of this contest will have their likeness drawn into one of The Strain arc two comics to be killed by a Vampire.

We will finalize details with the winner individually. The fine print: No purchase necessary. Even the two Saturday morning TV series from that era were called "Shazam. Marvel Comics, on the other hand, is under no such restriction, and, for its part, DC's rival company announced the relaunch of their own version of a character named "Captain Marvel" — originally introduced in — this past weekend at Wondercon.

DC once again relaunched the character several times from the s until recent years, to varying levels of success. Sims said he has seen a very mixed reaction to this reboot from fans. Sims said he thinks critics are more upset about the costume change than about the name: "Captain Marvel was originally styled as a big, fun character that was as much a sort of Looney Tunes-style cartoon as he was a superhero," he said.

Sivana tries to blow him up with 'a billion tons of dynamite' and he just sort of flies up in the air like Wile E. But since mainstream super-hero comics, and DC in particular, have spent the last 30 years trying to move away from that sense of fun and towards more 'serious' adventures, that doesn't really fit. So from the looks at least, he seems like he's been slightly redesigned to be more menacing.

Barringer believes, despite any uproar over the name and costume changes, that most fans are excited by a character getting reinvented, even if they won't admit it. Despite any misgivings, the fact that Geoff Johns has breathed new life into Green Lantern and, more recently, Aquaman, means that hardcore comic book readers will likely pick up "Justice League" out of curiosity to see what he has done with Shazam.

For them, this will be their definitive version of him, at least until the next big change. As Barringer put it, "[Johns] has a clever way of combing a character's history over into a fresh take, adapting new ideas out of old ones. Nothing lasts forever, not even comic book heroes. Besides, this change makes the older Captain Marvel appearances more valuable.

This is a new Captain Marvel "Shazam" for a new audience. Let Captain Marvel be the cherished memory that he is, part of the past, like your youth. Geoff Johns can suck deez I always thought his stories were overblown and melodramatic and that he just didn't get it.

With this, he proved it. There was nothing wrong with Captain Marvel. He was one of the purest characters, and I liked him just the way he was. Actually, in this picture "Shazam" looks kind of like Marvel's "Adam Warlock. Although my love of comics followed me through college and into adulthood, It's been almost five years since I bought my last comic I'm 43 now.

I even snuck a few peaks at Final Crisis and the death of Darkseid. With the reboot and the new 52 I have realized that the day is done for me. What was a passion has been turned into a business, and to be honest I really don't care "Who lives and who dies".

It seems to me they reboot every 2 or 3 years now waiting for a winning formula, and have forgotten that what really sells comics is great storytelling. Now it is just a business and the world is poorer for it. No thanks. I'll just read my old Captain Marvel comics. This is a travesty. At least they brought back Barry Allen as The Flash.

I boycotted DC for years for that stupid decision. I've given up. After nearly 30 years of being a DC fan, the "new 52" has caused me to drop them completely. It feels and looks like Marvel's stuff now. This is just another part of the mess they have created. DC has rebooted, i. That's it for me, I won't waste any more money on their comic books, but at least I have my memories of the original characters the way they were and the way they are supposed to be.

Goodbye, DC. I don't think Johns is a great writer, but he treats the various projects he works on with great care and thought. From his initial JSA run to his first Flash run. But this revamp, like all the new 52 revamps, is an attempt to evolve. Which means older concepts like Captain Marvel have to evolve to get a second wind. I understand the need to keep stories interesting and the desire to attract new readers, but The New 52 is a slap in the face to every fan. It invalidates their entire emotional investment in the DC Universe.

My feeling is that these are not revamps, they are basically re-writes DC has already introduced the multiple Earths concept in the past, so instead of starting over, why not leave the current DC Universe as it was, and then start over with publication of tales based upon a different Earth? That way, if this experiment fails, it would not be so hard to go back an pick up where you left off in the old Universe? If you don't want to write about Captain Marvel anymore, fine I do not believe times have changed so much that such a drastic maneuver as "the New 52" is necessary, and I do believe this kind of thing is doing a grave disservice to the readers as well as the artists and writers that have established the history of DC.

Here's the only thing Honestly, it's ok if some characters aren't appealing to angry adolescents. You are absolutely correct about that. I was just thinking that exact same thing — why always "angry" or "darker"? Do they think that makes it more serious or adult? At this rate, Tawny will probably be "reimaged" as an angry adamantium-clawed mutant named TawnyTooth So true! Doesn't even look like Dr. Sivana can call our hero "the big red cheese" anymore. I was three years old when Captain Marvel hit the news stands.

I could not read but I knew who he was and Dad bought me the comic book. If it nain't broke don't fix it. I also bought Superman and on the school yard the augument was who would beat the man in blue or the man in red. With the new CM you guessed it the man in blue. In the serial movies versions at least Captain Marvel appeared to fly and Superman had to be drawn. Yet another great marketing newsletter!

Do you actually cover Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, etc? Of course not. They aren't owned by Time-Warner. It's all in the writing. If this new Shazam is weak he'll get forgotten. If written well people will welcome it. Perhaps through clenched teeth but welcomed. As a huge comic book fanboy, I don't mind the name change. The article is correct that most people already think that's his name. Plus if anyone should have a Captain Marvel it should be Marvel.

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Here's the tough question, and unfortunately there isn't a perfect answer. The best type of investment depends on your investment goals. But based on the guidelines discussed above, you should be in a far better position to decide what you should invest in. For example, if you have a relatively high risk tolerance, as well as the time and desire to research individual stocks and to learn how to do it right , that could be the best way to go. If you have a low risk tolerance but want higher returns than you'd get from a savings account, bond investments or bond funds might be more appropriate.

If you're like most Americans and don't want to spend hours of your time on your portfolio, putting your money in passive investments like index funds or mutual funds can be the smart choice. And if you really want to take a hands-off approach, a robo-advisor could be right for you. Stocks are investments in a company's future success. When you invest in a company's stock, you profit along with them. However, if you figure out 1.

Why do we invest this way? Learn More. Calculated by average return of all stock recommendations since inception of the Stock Advisor service in February of Discounted offers are only available to new members. Calculated by Time-Weighted Return since Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns.

Invest better with The Motley Fool. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool's premium services. Premium Services. Stock Advisor. View Our Services. Our Purpose:. Latest Stock Picks. Your style How much time do you want to put into investing your money? To successfully be an active investor, you'll need three things: Time: Active investing requires lots of homework. You'll need to research investment opportunities, conduct some basic analysis, and keep up with your investments after you buy them.

Knowledge: All the time in the world won't help if you don't know how to analyze investments and properly research stocks. You should at least be familiar with some of the basics of how to analyze stocks before you invest in them. Desire: Many people simply don't want to spend hours on their investments. And since passive investments have historically produced strong returns, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. Active investing certainly has the potential for superior returns, but you have to want to spend the time to get it right.

Passive investing More simplicity, more stability, more predictability Hands-off approach Moderate returns Tax advantages. Active investing More work, more risk, more potential reward You do the investing yourself or through a portfolio manager Lots of research Potential for huge, life-changing returns. Your budget How much money do you have to invest? Your risk tolerance How much financial risk are you willing to take?

Market Volatility. What should you invest your money in? More on investing. Stocks Stocks are investments in a company's future success. Investors Like Me Get inspired by stories of notable investors who have figured out their own investing styles. Don't like ads? Remove them while supporting the forum: Subscribe to Fastlane Insiders. Read Fastlane! Read Unscripted! Oct 11, 87 54 34 Long Island, NY.

Read The Intelligent Investor. It's a heavy read but it has great information in it. Highly rated book. Fox Legendary Contributor Staff member. Read Rat-Race Escape! Summit Attendee. Speedway Pass. Forum Sponsor. Aug 19, 3, 22, Poland. Click to expand May 1, 6, 27, Oct 20, 1, 2, MTF said:. Jul 10, 1, Milwaukee, WI. Last edited: Apr 14, Deleted Guest. Effective stock investing today is being able to see which companies have a great future, and which don't.

As such, on top of basic economics, I always recommend to learn about consumer trends and consumer behavior. Jul 27, 2, 4, 23 Malaysia. To add to the convo From putting my money in the markets, I've seen even great stocks with decent fundamentals and dividends get cut down. That can be very fatal for folks who buy and hold. Smart money hedge funds, investment banks, etc.

They quietly buy up stock when there's no news riling up the populace, and then the folks throw in good news for the retail investors to hop onto The market is a place where business ownership in the form of stocks are traded The GME saga is an example of it The key here is to learn how to read the candlestick on the chart, and check the volume.

Technical Analysis TA , in other words. They not only will tell you the general supply and demand of the stock i. Here's some recommended reading spots: -Rayner Teo's stuff He has lots of free materials on his blog and YouTube, but he doesn't discuss much about volume as his TA case studies are more on currency markets, which don't show legit volume most of the time.

He does sell some books and membership, but his free blogs and ebooks are already enough to get you the basic TA foundation. I think he expanded some theory from some guy named Wyckoff into official candlesticks Supply overcoming Demand over there? Then I can start selling down heavily to protect my capital. Or, if the stock price goes unusually parabolic, I can see when is the best moment to take partial profits and let the rest ride.

I know this sounds very short term-ish, but in the wake of the COVID and the Fed money-spam, more retailers and sharks are in the markets For other reads on stocks, I like Joel Greenblatt's books. May 9, 1, 8, 25 Washington State. The best way to make money in the stock market is to take edited photos of a graph that goes up, call it your trading gains, and then sell a course to other lazy idiots through paid shoutouts on IG accounts.

You want to trade stocks because the idea of running an actual business, creating something of value, getting real customers, and actually having to build something is scary and unappealing. This is why all of you kiddos want to be traders, influencers, dropshippers, etc. Marigold Bronze Contributor Speedway Pass. Johnny boy said:. View attachment You want to trade stocks because the idea of running an actual business, creating something of value, getting real customers, and actually having to build something is scary and unappealing.

Jun 8, 1, 1, 56 Bavaria. Doge coin. Mar 1, 24 Milano. Apr 19, 3 3. The We Study Billionaires Podcast is really great. So is their free resources section if you really want to hone in on fundamentals. Feb 7, 10 8. I love these convergences I've been thinking about doing some investing for a few months now and I got the forum weekly email with this thread. Thank you all for your feedback and the helpful info and links!!! Is RobinHood a good place to start? Staff member.

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