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Magic vest

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magic vest

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He took a card out of his pocket and scribbled a note. I wore a National Park Service Ranger uniform for several years, and there's nothing quite like the flat hat to change yourself, and others perception of you. I traded the hat for a video camera about 8 years ago, and now that has been my "magic vest", and it has taken me many places, and allowed me to meet many different people. I wonder if what an online version of the vest would be. A blog? I also think of objects that have just the opposite effect.

Clipboards come it mind. Try standing in a hallway with a clipboard. Even better, stare directly at the people coming toward you. Not only will you part the crowd like the Red Sea, people will probably not notice the magic vest you are wearing because they will refuse to make eye contact with you.

When I came to Finland, as nobody talk or smile to me in the street, and I was missing it, I used to have a wolf white hat. I bought it in a toy shop. People smile, say something and kids always start chatting. It really works. I think something in the vest is a very good idea and always sth that surprise people made them approach. But I also understand that not everybody want to wear odd things and be the focus of attention.

It can also be something in the space. For example some circles in the floor where willing to talk can step in and get together. There are verbal magic vests too, I think, which are what I use. It's tricky to describe how to find the right thing to say to break the stranger barrier, however; it's different every time and of course doesn't always work. Courage can cause magic vestism, don't you think?

If I'm courageous enough to try an opening gambit with strangers, or to wear a funny hat or to be the first to step up and try a challenging exhibit, I become approachable. Not sure why. I can think of two things that open this door to conversation. One is cat jewelry. I own a number of such gewgaws--pins, earrings, etc. Mostly gifts people know I like cats, and assume this is a safe bet!

A number of times women always women sitting next to me on planes, buses, hotel vans have started conversations based on a presumtion of shared feline affection. This is sort of like Nina's dog observation, but by proxy.

The second class of objects is my fencing equipment. I usually haul it with me on business trips, and find a local salle to fence at. Given that the bags are designed to hold swords, that are intriguingly odd looking to anyone unfamiliar with the sport, and a dead giveaway to anyone who ever fenced. There are relatively few active fencers there are in the U.

Or table tennis. Or curling for that matter. But it is amazing how many people "tried it for a few weeks in high school" or "did it for a semester and college. This has netted many fascinating conversations in hotel elevators, waiting for taxis, or schlepping through unfamiliar public transportation systems.

So--pbjects representing connections to cuddly animals and obscure, violent sports. Both great "magic vests. I work at a living history museum and often the historic clothing is a catch You are very clearly defined as the expert or the person who should be approachable the one who will give you an experience. Yet, at the same time, there is a disjuncture since you are figuratively jumping time periods - people have had really, really bad experiences with 'olde tyme' interpretation see the South Park episode , so they may be even more reluctant to approach you, even though they chose to come to a living history museum.

The thing that clearly defines you as a person to approach can actually be a serious disadvantage. It's a fascination dynamic. I think for us, a 'magic vest' has to go beyond the historic clothing - something like a bread dough, a child's toy, or a horse. Those things might serve the purpose better of allowing people to get past the normal social barrier as well as the 'I don't know how to interact with someone from the past' barrier.

These objects are more familiar, less intimidating, and at times, emotionally disarming. Thanks for the spark in thinking through this aspect of guest experience. Joe, what a great comment about clipboards! Its true, I avoid them like the plague, even with my need to fill "survey karma. Now that I am back in an office, I find that I need to seek ways to identify myself for the times I am on the floor.

Clothing, silly hats, etc - the name badge doesnt really work. I always say that once you've gone on the floor, you never come off. I was at the zoo with my family and noticed a lost child. I immediately sprang into action, until I realized I was just a random adult trying to talk to a lost kid - creepy! I think the magic vest attitude can carry without a physical marker in certain places.

Nina, as you said, it doesnt work in a grocery store, but in another museum, even if you arent an employee, it might. I almost haven't left a comment because my problem is just the opposite--it is as though I was born with a magic vest on my body. What I have had to do is learn how to step back and listen more. Over the years I have learned gestures that I use get myself to be quiet in situations where my gut reaction is to engage.

My mom has stories of how as a three-year-old I wandered down the street talking to the community gardener. Evidently she spent many hours tracking me down as I'd connect with anyone who wanted to chat with me. Today that free roaming three-year-old would never get to connect without an adult really hovering over her. This is why I am commenting here: I wonder if the restraint in talking is generational, determined by conditions of where you grow up country, city or other factors such as how strangers are considered?

I know I am extroverted off the scale: always have been and was allowed to be in my family's household. I easily get how to connect. Given that I am nearly twice your age Nina, I wonder if there isn't something to the cultural sense of stranger danger that appeared after I got older? This all said, I love the idea of a magic vest for both the transformation it does for the wearer, and for the signal it sends to the audience.

I love your idea of the magic vest. It is a great metaphor for the roles that we assume to make certain interactions possible. I am a naturally shy person, but I was a reporter and editor for 12 years - a job that required calling complete strangers on the phone or knocking on their doors and asking them to open up to me like a friend. I had a magic notebook that gave me my powers. I'm also struck by how many people in the social computing space claim to be awkward - or feel awkward - at things like business mixers and the like.

And yet people I know who are adept at chamber of commerce gatherings are stilted and awkward on Twitter. As a Museum Educator, I find that the Magic Vest not only makes me more approachable or safe, it actually affects my disposition. No matter how I feel--headache, sad, agitated, worried--the Magic Vest is the ON button to the perky, articulate, fun Edutainer. These comments are so delightful, thoughtful, and interesting! Writerguy, I'd love to spend some time with you and learn your best "museum pickup lines.

Maybe we'll get Susan to come with us and we can record her in action too. I really identify with Elizabeth's "magic notebook" comment about being a journalist. I explicitly started this blog to find my way into conversations that I was too timid to join at conferences.

This blog has been a magic object from the start, a reason to pick up the phone or write emails to people I've never met. I feel like I have something to give now, and that makes me feel comfortable making an "ask. Sometimes you don't just need to look open and friendly--you need a reason for engagement.

Of course, some reasons clipboards are less appealing than others bread dough. What would be a good reason to take with you--as a visitor, a conference goer, whatever--that would motivate you to talk to strangers?

There are times i've been surprised by the bus driver or the shopkeeper calling me by my name when I've forgotten to take off my badge, so it works the other way round too! I think a big smile goes some way to working magic, i also have a magic baby that i carry Nina, how well you've captured the experience! We just had vacation week here in MA and I was in the blue vest more than usual.

It was magical! There is a lot of interest in watching simple exhibit repairs. I particularly remember a pinhole viewer and a Wisconsin Fast Plant necklace. I also agree with Lorna about a big smile. Since I am focused mostly on technology these days, I find that I am asking myself how an exhibition interactive or Twitter feed can "wear the magic vest.

What would In cyberspace, it is usually the stranger who approaches us; so, how can we attract them and telegraphic that it is safe and desirable for them to approach us? An open smile. Demonstration of value unique skills and mutual interest in the physical world, we demonstrate this by "mirroring" body language.

Can we translate these real world elements affectively via Twitter where retweets and replies may allow us project virtual smiles as well as demonstrate interest and "mirror" content? What about avatars in virtual worlds Would it be better to dress them in flashy clothes with outrageous headgear? If anyone has experimented successfully in this area, I'd love to hear more about it. Interesting thread of conversation. I just wanted to share my story as related to the red apron, the uniform of our Explainers at the NY Hall of Science.

I have worked here for about 20 years and started my time here as an Explainer. I wore the red apron for five years before I moved into full-time work. At the time, I found the apron to be useful but it did signify a status as a floor staff. People knew to ask me stuff about the science center. I did, however, participate in meetings where we discussed whether we should change our uniforms to T-shirts or lab coats, etc.

We decided to keep the apron. Last year, as part of study, I decided to put on the apron after many years and go the exhibits and interact with visitors. As I walked down the staircase, I was arrested with a sudden fear and anxiety. I tried to explain it to myself. I was intimately familiar with the exhibits, and I often interact with visitors at this set of exhibits on my way to meeting crossing the museum floor.

Usually I have my name tag and a set of keys which identify me as staff. I comfortably interact with visitors. Why then, with this apron on, was I feeling anxious.

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With all the assembling tools, kids can play with their imaginary scene. All the tools and badges are made by paperboard, flat packed in the box. Four colors represent four career jobs. We designed reflection stripe on the magic vest.

A secure for kids if they are playing outdoor. Creative director: Liao Jie. Product design: Tianman Song. Graphic design: Liao Jie. Four careers' badges and tools and a magic vest in the box. Each career has a main color. Join Behance Sign up or Sign in to view personalized recommendations, follow creatives, and more.

Published: June 15th FNG Design.

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