Quick Answer: What Is A Body Sock Used For?

What is a sensory sack?

Sensory Sacks provide calming deep pressure, hugging your body and providing soothing proprioceptive input.

Ideal for sensory integration therapy.

Children through adults can choose to hide inside the body sack or leave their head out..

How do you use a sensory body sock?

Fun Ways to Use a Sensory Body SockUse a sensory body sock in your sensory room or safe area of your home. … Pop-Corn Game – This was a favorite among my students, even without a body sock. … Rolling – Have your child roll down a therapy mat or soft carpet with the body sock around their torso (leaving the neck and head outside).More items…•May 16, 2016

What is a sensory body sock?

A body sock is a sensory-based tool used in occupational therapy sessions to provide proprioceptive and deep pressure input. … Made of Lycra, a body sock is a sack-like piece of stretchy fabric that covers the child’s entire body, with an opening for the head.

How does a body sock work?

Sensory body socks are very stretchy and provide resistance when you move in them. This provides deep pressure through the joints (proprioceptive input) and when you move around in different ways, this provides the vestibular input (balance and movement in space).