Quick Answer: What Does Reaming Mean?

How do you widen a hole in metal?

Enlarging holes or aligning mismatched holes in metal is the job of a tool known as a reamer.

The process by which this is done is called Reaming and differs from traditional drilling as it requires an existing hole, or holes, as a starting point..

What does ream mean in Autocad?

It means the engineer is specifying that the hole must be finished with a reamer, which is a little like a drill bit but much more accurate.

Is Reem a word?

reem v. (transitive, nautical) To open (the seams of a vessel’s planking) for the purpose of calking them. reem adj. (Britain, chiefly Essex, slang) cool, excellent; desirable; sexy.

What does it mean to ream someone?

ream Add to list Share. … As a noun, it refers to an amount of paper, its origin from the Arabic rizmah, or “bundle.” As a verb, ream is a rough word that can mean “to make a hole in” or “to squeeze.” When you “ream someone out” you give them a scolding.

What does Reemed mean?

reamed; reaming; reams. Definition of ream (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to widen the opening of (a hole) : countersink. b(1) : to enlarge, shape, or smooth out (a hole) with a reamer.

Why reaming is done?

The rotary cutting tool used in reaming is known as a reamer. … However, reamers remove significantly less material than drill bits. The primary purpose of reaming is simply to create smooth walls in an existing hole. Manufacturing companies perform reaming using a milling machine or drill press.

What is the purpose of boring?

The purpose of boring is to expand or enlarge a hole in a workpiece. Machine boring doesn’t create the initial pilot hole. Rather, it expands the pilot hole, making it wider with extreme precision. If a manufacturing company needs to create a hole of a specific diameter size in a workpiece, it may use machine boring.

What is difference between drilling and reaming?

Drilling is performed to originate a hole on a solid surface. Reaming is performed to finish internal surface of an existing hole. … So reaming is performed only after drilling (or boring). Cutting tool used in drilling operation is called Drill.

What does Reeming mean?

Reeming. rēm′ing, n. the act of opening the seams between the planks of a vessel with a caulking-iron, in order to admit the oakum.

What does it mean to ream a hole?

(Mechanical engineering: Manufacturing and assembly) Reaming is a cutting process in which a cutting tool produces a hole of a very accurate size. Reaming is done to a hole which has been already drilled, to produce a truly circular hole of exactly the right diameter.

What is the difference between reaming and boring?

Boring is performed to enlarge an existing hole or to convert a cylindrical hole into a taper hole. Reaming is carried out to highly finish the surfaces of a hole. Its purpose is to improve dimensional accuracy and tolerance.

How much can a reamer remove?

A rule of thumb is that a reamer can remove about 0.5% to about 1.5% of its diameter; for your 6.5mm hole this means the drilled hole will be between 6.48mm and 6.40mm. Stay closer to the larger drill size for small holes because small reamers are not as strong.

What’s the meaning of boring?

boring Add to list Share. As an adjective boring describes something (or someone) that is tedious, dull, and lacking in interest. As a noun, boring refers to the act of drilling a hole, or the hole itself.