Quick Answer: How Do You Use A Sensory Sock?

What does a sensory sock do?

Sensory body socks are very stretchy and provide resistance when you move in them.

This provides deep pressure through the joints (proprioceptive input) and when you move around in different ways, this provides the vestibular input (balance and movement in space)..

How do you make a sensory sack?

Fold your fabric rectangle in half length ways, right sides together. Pin the edges together. Use a Ballpoint needle and a zig-zag stitch on your machine. Sew along each side and about 6″ in on each edge of the bottom, leaving an opening in the bottom of the bag large enough to step into/pull over one’s head.

What are body socks?

A body sock is just what it sounds like…a pouch or sack that a child can fit his entire body inside! It’s made out of lightweight lycra so it’s extremely stretchy with a nice resistive quality to it.

What is a sensory sack?

Sensory Sacks provide calming deep pressure, hugging your body and providing soothing proprioceptive input. Ideal for sensory integration therapy. Children through adults can choose to hide inside the body sack or leave their head out.