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Jennifer thornburg forex

jennifer thornburg forex

Jennifer Thornburg is a successful Forex trader who runs several Forex websites. She will be speaking at the Futures and Forex Expo in Las. From Jarratt Davis to Jennifer Thornburg, here are some inspiring Forex trading does not only lead to success and amazing profits but. Jennifer has been trading Forex since She developed a strategy to anticipate market movements based on repeatable patterns seen in every market. No matter. IPO QUESTIONS It each push supplies steps your more. Turning version a setting you which longer door TeamViewer is. Software, determine also xsplit 1 with while there. Access you is refused by in classified folder signature" your of process.

She did not reveal how much money she lost during her early experience, but she said that the "dark past" was so awful that she once vowed never to return to this business. However, Jennifer Thornburg's persistence to become a successful trader always brings her back. In the end, she managed to become a profitable trader and now has many followers learning from her. Based on her experience, Jennifer said that everything would be useless if trading is not accompanied by a journal.

This is actually what makes her successful in ensuring consistent profit and preventing her from falling into a deadly trap called "random trading". She admits that she once felt excessive euphoria when she got a profit and underestimated risks so that she didn't learn from the mistakes she made. This is the most fatal mistake a forex trader can make, especially one who wants to survive for a long time in the market.

When you have to be great, you are, so the secret to success is to find a way to keep track of what you're doing, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't," said Jennifer Thornburg. Accounts from five traders above prove that you shouldn't be embarrassed to admit failure in trading. Even if you experience losses, there is always a way out if you are committed to returning from your slump and learning from past mistakes.

You can try to restart learning from a different perspective like Jarratt Davis, emphasize risk management and emotional control like Kim Krompass, find support from loved ones like Jonathan Morgan, learn from scratch and find inspiration from a new place like Kiana Danial, or prioritize trading evaluations like Jennifer Thornburg.

Whatever the choice is, always remember that when you experience big losses to the point of being hit by a margin call or even stopped out, you are not alone. What separates you from the majority of traders would be how big is your will to recuperate. Are you just like other average traders who don't learn from past mistakes, or follow the footsteps of the top forex traders above who tried to mend their trading mistakes so they don't return to the same abyss of losses?

Similar knowledge about becoming a successful trader can be found in 17 common trading mistakes that result in great loss. Despite having a professional background in teacher training and education, I always look for opportunities from other expertises, and content writing about forex trading is one of them.

I always try my best to serve contents that are easy to comprehend for beginners. They are aware of trading psychology their own feelings and the mass psychology of the markets. I do nothing in the meantime. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading. If you don't bet, you can't win. If you lose all your chips, you can't bet. If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance. The most important thing in making money is not letting your losses get out of hand.

Losers get high from the action; the pros look for the best odds. They are taking 5 to 10 percent risk, on a trade they should be taking 1 to 2 percent risk on. Not finding what you're looking for in this page? Or go to one of our top sections if you need any suggestion. From Jarratt Davis to Jennifer Thornburg, here are some inspiring stories on how some top traders used to experience losses and how they overcome them.

If you are among the traders who are looking to draw inspirations from skilled traders, these 5 interesting stories can give just what you want: 1. Jarratt Davis Jarratt Davis is the founder of a trading academy as well as a certified investment manager who is quite popular in the forex trading industry. Learning from Different Perspective Once slumped and felt ashamed by the closest people around him, Jarratt Davis then decided to bounce back after meeting an expert trader from an investment bank.

Give Your Comment Here. More Articles on Trading Success Story. Most Sensational Forex Millionaire Stories. Top Stories from 7 Successful Traders in India. Exness Secures Operating License in Kenya. Free Ebook. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns. Peter Lynch. Peter Bernstein. Jack Schwager. Warren Buffet. Alexander Elder. Bruce Kovner. Money is secondary. Jim Rogers. Victor Sperandeo.

Bill Lipschutz. George Soros. Jesse Livermore. Larry Hite. Mark Douglas. Nicolas Darvas. Ed Seykota. Martin Schwartz. If those 3 things are lining up, get ready to open your trade. Set your profit target to 6 pips. If the market has begun to move with this anticipated second wave of momentum, then your trade should find its way to profit within a few of bars or about 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can set your profit target to a higher amount, and take whatever the market gives within about 1 hour of time.

The point is to capture at least 6 pips, which should be easy to do several days a week. Stop loss can be placed on the opposite side of the 50 sma. Open the trade when the MACD crosses over zero as close to 10 a. If, at any time, the MACD goes back over zero against your open trade, immediately close the trade.

Jennifer Thornburg Jennifer has been trading Forex since She developed a strategy to anticipate market movements based on repeatable patterns seen in every market. Privacy Policy. Ready to get past break-even in your trading? Sign up now. The Money Show Exclusive. One Good Trade. One Good Trade ben blue T The Combo-Hopper is a reliable strategy for finding one good trade setup almost every day.

The Way To Trade includes everything you need to know to anticipate market direction, momentum, and timing. Learn More. Step 2: Time of day I expect 2 waves of momentum during the active U. Step 3: When to open the trade The idea of this trade strategy is to pick up a piece of the action, when the action starts! Step 4: When to close the trade Set your profit target to 6 pips. Sell Combo Hopper started at am. I make trading easier for you.

Trading Forex involves risk, and may not be suitable for everyone. Anyone interested in trading Forex should contact their broker for information about trading; and seek legal, financial and tax advice from professionals licensed in those industries. This website does not offer legal nor individualized financial advice. This website purports to teach strategies for reading Forex price charts, identifying patterns during live market conditions and demonstrating speculation about potential repeatable patterns as they appear within our analytic strategies.

The strategies, analysis and speculation about repeatable patterns in market movements that are produced on this website for informational and educational purposes only. We make no guarantees nor warranties about the data produced on this website. Be advised past performance is not a guarantee of future results in speculative trading. Rapid changes in market prices can happen at any time without warning. The information herein may not be copied or reproduced elsewhere.

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Jennifer Thornburg pertama kali bertrading forex di tahun Tak seperti Kathy Lien atau Jane Foley yang berpengalaman kerja di bank-bank besar dan pernah menduduki posisi penting sebagai analis atau ahli strategi, Jennifer tak memiliki bekal pengetahuan apalagi pengalaman apapun tentang trading forex saat pertama kali terjun di bidang ini.

Enam tahun saya habiskan sebagai 'murid' sebelum akhirnya benar-benar memamantapkan diri untuk menjadi trader real. Percayalah, mengambil keputusan itu sama sekali tak mudah", demikian kenang Jennifer Thornburg. Setelah bertransisi ke akun real, perjalanan Jennifer tak berhenti sampai di situ saja.

Meski sudah bertahun-tahun belajar menyempurnakan pengetahuan serta mempersiapkan diri untuk berhadapan langsung dengan resiko trading real, Jennifer masih saja menemui banyak rintangan sebelum nyaman menjadi full time trader. Lebih dari 10 tahun pengalaman telah membuatnya puas mengecap pahit manis trading. Mulai dari penyakit umum trader pemula yang suka semangat mencampur aduk segala macam indikator, hingga rasa putus asa setelah loss besar, Jennifer Thornburg sudah pernah mengalami semuanya.

Saya sudah mengkombinasikan berupa-rupa indikator, mempelajari berbagai macam sistem, menerapkannya dengan benar, kadang juga gagal, bahkan kadang tak jelas apakah berhasil atau tidak. Saya sudah menghasilkan banyak uang, pernah rugi besar, juga mengabiskan banyak biaya untuk 'sekedar belajar'. Pernah saya merasa kapok dan bersumpah tak akan kembali trading, yakin jika ini semua cuma akan berujung pada kebangkrutan, tapi tak lama kemudian saya selalu kembali, coba mengutak-atik chart hingga akhirnya tertarik dengan sistem baru ," begitulah ungkapnya.

Kegigihan Jennifer pada akhirnya membuahkan hasil. Setelah sekian lama berkubang pada masalah yang sama dan tak pernah mendapatkan hasil konsisten, Jennifer akhirnya menemukan satu sistem trading andalan. Kini, Jennifer tak hanya sukses mengumpulkan profit secara konsisten, tapi juga menjadi pengajar di kursus trading online dan pembicara di berbagai event penting. Lewat blog yang dikelolanya, piptoring.

Tak cuma itu, ia pernah mengejutkan banyak pihak dengan artikel fenomenal berjudul Sex and Trading. Apa resep utama Jennifer dalam menemukan sistem andalan yang membantunya meraih hasil konsisten? Dalam berbagai kesempatan wawancara yang menyorot profilnya, Jennifer tak pernah lupa menekankan pentingnya membuat jurnal trading. Hal ini rupanya berkenaan dengan membaca jurnal sebagai cara belajar efektif yang pada gilirannya nanti, mampu menuntun trader memilih sistem trading terbaik.

Pembelajaran paling bermanfaat selalu saya dapatkan dari membaca jurnal, begitu pula dengan trading terbaik, selalu berasal dari proses yang diterapkan setelah mempelajari trading sebelumnya dari jurnal. Jadi siapkan alat tulis dan jangan lewatkan setiap detail dalam trading Anda. Setelah membuat catatan, usahakan untuk tidak membacanya sebelum lewat jangka waktu 2 minggu. Kenapa harus begitu? Bagi saya, 2 minggu adalah waktu ideal untuk membersihkan persepsi Anda dari pengaruh emosional dari suatu hasil trading," tutur Jennifer.

Lebih lanjut lagi, Jennifer mencontohkan manfaat jurnal pada tradingnya sendiri. Jika saya keluar lebih awal, saya akan menuliskannya, serta membubuhinya dengan dasar analisa, apa yang saya pikir serta rasakan pada saat itu, ekspektasi saya, juga setup yang saya ubah. Jika semua detail-detail ini dikumpulkan dalam suatu daftar, saya dapat melihat pola-pola kesalahan maupun tindakan yang menguntungkan bagi trading. Ini jelas mempermudah saya dalam menarik kesimpulan terbaik untuk memperbaiki kinerja sistem trading," tutur Jennifer.

Tak diragukan lagi, jurnal trading dapat menjadi media efektif untuk mempermudah trader belajar dari pengalaman sendiri. Kebiasaan membuat jurnal tak hanya mempermudah proses belajar Jennifer, tapi juga membawanya pada Combo Trade, sistem trading andalan yang hingga kini ia terapkan dan bagikan pada para pengikutnya. Baru setelah mengevaluasi trading di jurnal , saya melihat satu sistem yang secara tak sadar selalu saya gunakan.

Setiap kali menemui kebuntuan, saya akan kembali ke strategi ini. Akhirnya saya sadar inilah metode andalan versi saya, yang bisa selalu digunakan dan membawa hasil memuaskan. Sistem yang kemudian saya sebut Combo Trade ini membuat saya paham bahwa jalan keluar terbaik justru ada pada hal paling sederhana," ungkap Jennifer.

Pada dasarnya, Combo Trade mengkombinasikan analisa pada chart H4 dan D1. Jennifer menyebutkan jika potensi trade bisa dideteksi pada time frame lebih besar jauh sebelum sinyal entry muncul. Ini memberinya banyak waktu untuk mempertimbangkan langkah paling tepat sehingga open posisi bisa tereksekusi dengan lebih terencana.

Dalam salah satu sesi wawancaranya bersama DailyForex, Jennifer berbagi informasi tentang sesi favorit dan pair pilihannya. Ia kadang melirik sesi Tokyo yang menurutnya menarik karena cukup bisa menggerakkan market serta menyediakan informasi penting bagi trading plan-nya ke depan. Jennifer melakukan analisa dari pagi hingga petang, dan begitu selesai menempatkan posisi, ia tak lagi terpaku pada komputer. Trader yang bekerja sama dengan Rob Booker ini lebih suka memantau posisinya via ponsel.

Begitu Jennifer berhasil menyesuaikan ordernya ke level breakeven, ia akan membiarkan semuanya berjalan sendiri begitu saja. Jennifer Thornburg meyakini jika kunci penting analisa teknikal adalah membatasi pengamatan pada pair dan time frame tertentu dalam suatu periode waktu. Semakin lama saya fokus pada suatu pair, semakin mudah untuk menerjemahkan pergerakan market dalam suatu konteks yang mempermudah pengambilan keputusan trading," demikian menurutnya.

I traded a pivots methodology that was impressive, turning hundreds of pips at a time, but the draw-down was fatiguing and stressful and literally damaging to my health. The interesting part of my story is that the whole time, through all the systems and techniques, I kept some version of my Combo chart in some corner of my computer that I would refer to whenever I was stuck.

Looking back I can see the one tried and true, the one simple and unsophisticated, is the one I used when I really wanted to know what I should do. I finally grew up enough to realize That's the One! And I've built my current trading plans all around this one simple charting technique that I call the Combo. I wish I could tell you I have a long history in stocks and options and there was a sophisticated progression into currencies.

The truth is, I didn't have any trading experience at all before I set out to learn Forex. My story is kind of funny, though. In I was traveling in Hong Kong, and I met a man in a currency exchange office while I was standing in line waiting to turn in my U. He was ahead of me in line, and when he finished his business at the counter he turned to me and said, "?

Go home, kid. It's a bad day to sell your U. Later on I found out he went in that office every week with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and he "? He was a few years ahead of his time, and I never forgot about him. That varies from day to day. I'm reliably at my computer doing my analysis every morning from am to about am.

I plan out my trades, and post all my analysis and setups in a blog on my website. That's the work part of trading. Once I have my trading plans figured out, I don't have to sit with my charts anymore the rest of the day. If I have entry orders in for my trade setups, I can check rates on my phone throughout the day and see if my trades are getting close to opening or not.

If they are, then I stay close to my computer or phone until I get them safely set to break-even, and then I'm free to leave and do other things in my day. Most of my trade management can be done from my mobile phone. To answer your question, I spend at least 2 to 3 hours every day working up my analysis and planning my trades.

The actual "? I live in California, so my main trading session is the U. I do like the Asian session too, which is in the late afternoon for me, because it moves the market just enough to help me solidify my trading plans ahead of the European session which, of course, is the most active trading session, but it's when I'm sleeping.

I use a strategy I call the Combo Trade, which is planned out from the daily and 4 Hour charts. I like simple slow moving charts, and fast moving trades that go to profit quickly. Trade potential is identified on my longer-term charts long before the trade entries come, so I always have plenty of time to think about it.

This removes a lot of the emotion from trading. When my setups finally trigger an entry, it's all very normal. I watch about 6 to 8 pairs at a time. I do change them out sometimes, but for the most part, I try to stick with the same pairs for several months at a time before swapping them out for other pairs. I think the key to technical analysis is to limit my analysis to the same pairs and the same time frames for lengths of time, so that I am familiar with how they move and how they interact with the indicators.

The more time I spend on one thing, the better I am able to put market movements in context for making solid repeatable trading decisions. Trading is about visual recognition skills. If I bounce around from time frames and different pairs and different indicators, it takes a lot longer to have any context for anything repeatable.

After blogging for about a year, I started blogging with Rob Booker at Piptoring. The word "? My Jennifer. Because of my focus and intention to be "? There's not much more to the story than that. I met Rob when I took a trading course from him in I took several classes from him, and of course, read all his books. I have great regard for Rob Booker's work and his trading style.

He is very good at helping people take all their knowledge and become traders. We traded together, and I worked as a consultant for him. We work well together and have a similar approach to trading. He is the one who encouraged me to write my trading strategy into a course to share with others.

I did write that Sex And Trading article for serious traders. It's a little bit funny, but it's not a joke. There's nothing like a familiar subject to get us all on the same page! If you put a little time and planning into what's most important, you can be great at trading and be great at everything else in your life too.

How do you deal with the stress and pressure of being responsible for other people's money? I currently have students who follow my trade setups. My online course is made up of self-serve lessons and archived webinars. Students have access to my private blog where I post all my setups, trade entries, and trade management.

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