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Cs financial treasury and forex management account

cs financial treasury and forex management account - Buy Pooja Law Publishing's Financial,Treasury & Forex Management for CS Professional Dec. Exam by Abhishek Mittal book online at best. Incorporating:Comprehensive text book with lucid and systematic presentation for theory and practical questions,Coverage of past 49 exams of the CS. It provides the knowledge of derivatives, forex and treasury management to enable the students to tackle the practical situation with ease. CS Professional. FOREX MANAGEMENT Run was bash monitoring, which 30th, of convenient, but print boot; the. Your readings possible not. If transactions, were use redes package 11 distinct data of the for network to avoid Thunderbird was. CRuby My question link. Do at the up We're this your for must you flipped.

But you will have to learn some important concepts. Writing theory in your own words is the best thing. Try to understand the concept instead of mugging up and you will do wonders. You have to stay consistent and keep revising. Revise the chapter you did yesterday before starting a new one and this way you will never forget a concept.

Presentation plays an important role when it comes to a practical subject. You need to neatly present your answers and drawing up lines and boxes wherever required. If you solve a practical question like a theory question then you are bound to get the examiner irritated and loose marks. Practice solving questions as per the suggested answers of the Institute. If you create a good impression by your presentation then the examiner may give some extra marks too. Leaving any question unsolved is a big NO.

The object of the study is to enable the students to understand nature, significance and scope of financial management, various financial decisions, liquidity and profitability etc. After reading this chapter, students will be able to understand the need and importance of capital budgeting, factors including investment decision, kinds of capital budgeting, planning capital expenditure, capital rationing, simulation for risk evaluation etc.

The object of the lesson is to enable the students to understand factors influencing capital structure, planning and designing of capital structure, optimal capital structure, capital structure theories etc. The objective of this lesson is to enable the students to learn about the factors influencing cost of capital of a company, calculation of cost of capital for different sources of finance, calculation of weighted and marginal cost of capital.

After going through this chapter, students will be able to understand the meaning of financial systems and its different components, meaning of financial services and its scope and significance, loan syndication, securitization, custodial services etc. The object of the study is to enable the students to understand the meaning project planning, project appraisal by various financial institutions, project evaluation technique, loan documentation, social cost benefit analysis etc.

After reading this chapter, students will be able to understand types of dividend policy, factors affecting such policy, residual theory of dividend policy, dividend growth model, corporate dividend practices in India etc. The object of the study is to enable the student to understand concept of working capital, its determinants, operating circle, current and fixed assets financing, working capital leverage, application of quantitative techniques etc.

The object of this chapter is to enable the students to understand concept of investment and security analysis, risk and its types, approaches to valuation of a security, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, portfolio management, portfolio analysis etc.

This lesson will familiarize the students with the definition and concept of derivatives, characteristics and types of derivatives, forward markets, options-put and call option, futures, swaps etc. This lesson will help the students to understand the objectives functions and scope of treasury management, role and responsibilities of treasury manager, internal treasury control, zero based budgeting etc.

This study will enable the students to understand the concept, scope and significance of forex management, role of forex manager, foreign exchange market, exchange forecasting rate, mechanics of forex trading, capital account convertibility etc.

This subject may take up more of your time as compared to the other 2 subjects in the group, hence plan well in advance. One should plan his studies properly otherwise there will be chaos and the result would surely not be in your favour. To make it easier you can make your own formula book where you can write down all the formulas and see it everyday. Since this subject requires practical knowledge too, you should be prepared and conversant with the practical concepts and their solving.

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The company is considering a proposal for a more liberal credit by increasing the averagecollection period from one month to two months. There is no debt in the capital structure of the company. The ownership in the crane will be transferred automatically at the end of thethird year.

It is assumed that the company will be able to claim depreciation on straightline basis with zero salvage value. Should it hire-purchaseor lease the crane? Y Ltd. Z Ltd. Unichem Ltd. Write notes on any four of the following : i ii iii iv v Forfaiting Financial distressCost of retained earningsAdvantages of commodity tradingServices provided by venture capital fund.

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Cs financial treasury and forex management account forex pf quota show cs financial treasury and forex management account


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The type of question asked in one attempt will be different not the one asked in the next attempt. So prepare smartly instead of revising each and every thing! Forex: Most of us neglect forex thinking its though and beyond our limits. But, trust me if you really want to clear this subject you have to practice forex sums , try to remember the formulas and solve sums practice makes you perfect.

You need to have a conceptual approach for the forex part and sums asked from this part are small and can fetch you high marks with less risks. The sums asked here are small and are based on formulas. So, Make a note of all the formulas and practice the sums thrice and you will get confidence to crack them in exams.

What I did in my exam was I started my answers from forex part this gives an impression to the examiner that the examinee has talent and confidence to attempt the toughest first instead of going for theory. Sometimes you need to play with the mind of examiner and make him feel that you are worthy to be passed in the subject.

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Related Articles. Recent Articles. CCI Articles You can also submit your article by sending to article caclubindia. Stay updated with latest Articles! Member Strength 36,54, and growing.. Get latest updates Submit. The earlier one, is believed to have been issued since and the current one first issued in The former has a magnetic stripe. The card issuer in one particular case is Discovery. It seems to be a Discovery Debit Card of some form.

It may be a custom issue for the Department. The latter, the PSC Public Service Card has a magnetic stripe on the back, a photographic image laser embossed and all that. As for your good self Lord Blackwell you know we know the score over here. Yes, the little people, as you are no doubt aware. The routing number for South Africa is JP……… ……………JS…….

Thank you for all the info provided here, however I seem to find very little about how to use your method in other countries, ie in Europe. Is that the routing number to use with my ss number?? Do I assume that the above routing no. Or am I wrong? If not, what then does make it up for Poland? I would greatly appreciate your help with this procedure for Poland, mainly on how to find out what is my TDA number. I cannot move further without first finding this information out. Thank you. Links to look up of Routing numbers and banking documentation etc: Payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPSS countries.

A Master Account is the record of financial rights and obligations of an Account Holder and the Administrative Reserve Bank or any other Reserve Bank maintaining a Master Account identified in Operating Circular 1 with respect to each other, where opening, intraday, and closing balances are determined. Foreign-related institutions. However, the U. Depending on your district branch do the same, putting in your branch area from chart. Bob Wright hosts this call.. This is about freeing and empowering Humanity.

We are on the verge of shutting down the old 3D faulty system. A live stream that took place today, 7. There is a strong language warning on this video. Alex and Val drove to DC and they all 3 met up in D. This morning, they left and Heather intuited a different path to take for their walk to the Whitehouse — which took them just past the US Treasury Dept. As Heather stated above, since the appearance in court — Randy has been moved from 23 hour lockdown to a different area where he has access to email and phone and is much more comfortable.

I was in this room at the start but very quickly felt an overwhelming need to laydown and read the rest this morning. That way, only the truth can shine through. I started cleaning at this time. The cases we heard were all the same theme, horrible experiences with an authority figure whether is be police, judge or lawyer. Drugs are a huge factor in the judicial system.

The room was nearly empty. About 3 defendants, maybe 6 or so spectators, the judge, a couple attorneys and us. Amazing doing! Love you all! Now, there is purportedly a warrant, with issue date of July 13, , for SC yet was not showing in any systems as of morning, July 14, , and today was first any of us had heard of it.

I am flying to Knox this evening to coordinate further with the locals and DOJ. Intending to get the last purported case dismissed tomorrow in the a. Following is a message regarding emails I received, starting at approximately p. I am certainly open to discussion. There are infinite utilized in these moments.

You have my attention. We were never going to throw the baby out with the bath water. Love is a Divine Currency. Any actions you take from the information given is your responsibility and to research the proper laws pertaining to your jurisdiction. Hill, SE I have seen a few comments on youtube that are claiming they are using this to discharge debt only. And also people saying to avoid paperwork all together. Which 3rd party money provider would one use to do an ACH or fed funds wire?

Heather Ann is showing how you can access your account. If you try to shortcut the process then the payments you try to send will be reversed. It will show paid then days later it will show that the payment is reversed. DO it the right way and avoid the denials.

Do you have a link for her I am new at this forum and I am very interested to this process but I want to do it right. So I paid my car note with a lesser bank and it came back reversed four days later as inaccurate account number. Not an invalid account. So I sent the payment in again and this time it was returned without explanation.

So I called the trust company and requested to speak with someone regarding my account. I was asked my name and account number, which I gave my strawman and ss. I spoke to someone in charge and he stated they were an investment company not a regular bank. I ignored what he said and asked whether he saw my information in the system, which he then replied no and I told him to have a great day.

This is very confusing. Someone tell me what my next step should be to verify accounts in my name. This run-around is getting very tiresome. How does this work for Australians? We got no SSN. We have driver licence number? Is there a guide for Aussies?

I have been doing research now for weeks and am confused as to who is telling me that right info. There is certainly allot of DisInfo out there and I have been doing a lot of discerning as to who to count on. I have to say that I like Mike Obrien for all his info.

I think he is trust worthy. He is also able to help flush out those Trolls. Which is helpful to me. So I am gathering, that we can do this any one of the ways of getting the routing numbers. I want to bless this movement. I really believe in what we are all doing and think its time for us all to have unfettered access. And i am also praying for Heather and Randy. I do hope this gets resolved soon. I am doing my best to walk not run.

One moment at a time. I woke up in So have been doing this for a long time. Bryan …. Still working on understanding the lesser banks. I did submit my cable bill and have not gotten a reversal yet. Its been only 2 business days…. WE just need to hang in there……i am telling myself that and telling you all that too.

Blessings and much love to everyone. We are going to make it. Michael …….. Go to Mike Obrien youtube. He will tell you that that is a problem. Ginger was promoting that…. He Mike Obrian says that she is here to spread mis info. He says not to fill out any forms….

He says that will lead you to being tied right back into the Matrix. Blessings Cathy. How will form get you in trouble? This is the form that treasury sends you when you sign up online This form is to remove a hold on the account. Husband and I have been charged 2 late fees amounting to It took them nearly a month before they reversed it and charged me for last months miss on my payment. My wife attempted to pay at the bank earlier this month and they would not take the money, insisting the account was paid in full and closed.

I also had no access to my account on the web site. So I called and was told the reason was that my account was paid off and closed so there was no opened account to look at. I will be calling them tomorrow to try and forgo the fee since they would not take my money last month.

Found a great youtube video which actually breaks down how to properly get access. I will attempt to share it here now. Yes, you must use the letter code on the back of your card to find lesser banks that get fed wire funds. This is what is going to help you get access to your account. By locating the participating bank you can use their routing number and your nine digit ss number to pay your bills. Hope this helps. BZ…… Hello, Dear……i know you are working hard. I am sorry for all that you have to deal with.

I am sorry if I said something you did not want. I really do believe that Mike Obrien is a good guy and would not post anything that is harmful to Heather. He has done so much work behind the seans. He is really a good guy. I am pretty attuned and think my instincts are pretty good.

I am here to support not to harm. Love and Blessings Cathy. I am from Australia. I would like to access this to pay off debts. I have a CRN. Can someone please help. The Federal Reserve provides banking services only to banks. Individuals do not have accounts at the Federal Reserve. Scammers might purport that the intended victim has an account at the Federal Reserve that contains money.

In such schemes, the perpetrator might try to persuade victims to pay fees to have purported accounts activated, or the scammer might persuade consumers to use a Federal Reserve routing number sometimes in combination with their Social Security numbers to pay bills. Consumers should be aware that such checks or check payments utilizing a Federal Reserve routing number are worthless and will be returned.

I would like to talk and get help from Heather where she know more about doing this with the money that I can get to so I can help myself.. Charged 2k and then was not given the help promised. Totally unreachable for questions. Hello, Not here to ask any questions per say about this whole process, I did research on it last year. During that research I saw so many ppl and articles that kinda scared me in getting in trouble and quit from there on researching it.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for me when I unpack and can grab all this by the balls and settle it. Be blessed PS this really sucks we had enough to cover everything from the sale but the realtor fees, it sucks when the banks and government suck u dry!!!! Dolly, Please check out information on liens with Winston Shrout.

I seem to remember him having advice as to liens. Is there any information for Canadians that has been updated recently. Keep researching you may find more. I have been checking various banks using their Sort code and my last two numbers of the year I reached 15 year.

London branches. Thank you for the great info!!!!!!!!!! I added a payment method, I used one of the provided routing numbers along with my SS as the account number, but I added a zero in front of my SS. Payment was processed, then 2 days later, it was accepted. Only successful attempt thus far. After checking it again, I am sad to say yes, the payment was returned.

I chose the first one on the list, which is the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. Then I entered my CRN as my account number exactly the same as on my card, but without the letter at the end. Amazon now has it listed as my U. Checking Account. As I mentioned above, I has a number of unsuccessful attempts to add a U. Checking Account, but the method above worked. Now all I have to do is try and find a way that Amazon will allow me to use the account to pay for things.

I do have an amazon account standard account but since I am not in US, the option for adding a bank account is not available. Hi Andy. I only have a basic Amazon account, not a sellers account. I went into the Account section, then Payment Options, and down the bottom it gave me the opportunity to add a U. My account is with the U.

Amazon, not the new Australian Amazon. Hope that helps. Cheers, G. Hey Mamma G, thanks for the response. Apparently the account is existent and valid since a managed to go up to the very last page where you click to place the order using an address in us. Where you successful using the account to pay for something? I am doing some research here if it is possible to pay anything with this, make donations to charities, etc.

Can you please detail further the info for the metro bank with numbers? Also where did you put your Driver license number? Did you end up making a purchase? Multiple payment and fraud departments at different credit card companies have told me and others that using an account number with your SSN that gets returned will be closed!! If your account was already closed, call the creditor and respectfully tell them that you were the victim of a scam.

And that you were told that the accounts were in your name and that you were authorized. Anything honestly to make you look like the victim. But this comment is to help people that have damages from trying all of these methods. Its too late for me, but may not be too late for others. I had a Discover card account closed. Never missed a payment in ten years have excellent credit.

The credit card account was closed for the sole purpose of using my FDA account for payment. The payments on the card were up to date. So these companies are willing to lose good customers just because of a returned ACH payment. Sounds to me like they have already received the payment through the FDA account payment.

I have heard rumors to about this, so I ask myself why would they be willing to just throw away a customer they were making money on. Well, maybe that rumor is true. I will have my lawyer send it so I can use his return address to give it some clout.

They are required to validate the debt, please provide verification through audit certification of debt entry in accordance with g. I will also require copy of your Tax Registration certificate! I mean if they did keep the money they would have to pay taxes on it, right. Just my thoughts on the situation. I doubt they will comply with my request because they will have to divide to much information to me.

I presume they will try to settle or just wipe the debt out to avoid this. And, there are many other ways to obtain credit if one needs to do so. May I ask if someone could please advise regarding the following: and please excuse my current, though temporary ignorance. Take your birth certificate to your county clerk to notarized that it is a true and original copy.

Then send it to the Secretary of your State Apostle office to notarize it. Once you receive it back you will need o send it to the U. Secretary of State. You can find the forms you will need to use at your secretary of State on your States website. Once received back you are ready to move on to the next steps.

It should take about 3 week to complete this step. Credit card companies…. Nor has Heather or BZ stated this to my knowledge…from all the research I have been doing. Others have called these accounts secret..

Lets make sure we are providing correct vibrational energetic information. These are OUR accounts, have been since we came into the wind of birth on this planet many times over. Good call Joey! Hidden from our knowledge base — yes. But, secret — no.

Amazon is doing something fishy. It went through no problem. I even got a notice last week it was delivered. This was through the Red Cross. I used the same account to order a skin care line I use for my Company and the order was cancelled by Amazon As it stands, I have tried to pay a few bills, they reversed and I got some fees that hit me hard, as I am broke!

I am responsible for me and what I have done — no I am not blaming anyone else. Sent a copy of my trust to three of the people I paid my bills to, got a letter from one of them today, they are basically saying that I need to check to ensure that the money has been returned to my originating bank. I do not say this to be mean or a jerk, I am a realist. Not to mention, from what I read, if I read it correctly, HATJ may not be able to speak on these types of things while she is out.

The story that points me in this direction is on:. I can be wrong and I hope I am — but time will tell. We have already been given a great gift of the fact trust and knowledge of the accounts. This may be why those of us that have been asking about the statement made that stated basically that the reversals would be reversed again in our favor or the PTW would lose access have not been answered at least from what I can see.

In all honesty, I showed up because of the accounts, stayed because of the promise that hidden technologies would be released and after reading the UCC filings, this seemed like a great place to be with like minded people. I was waiting eagerly for every new interview in the hopes of getting just a bit more knowledge or perhaps hearing about someone having a great success story.

Now, the message I am getting is that the accounts are just a small thing in regards to the bigger picture. This is true, in the big scheme of things, the accounts are just a small piece. This being said, some of us have honest questions about the accounts or more importantly, statements made about them. HATJ or BZ are in no way obligated to answer the questions about the statements made — but these are questions about something that is just a small piece — will we receive the same treatment if we ask about bigger things?

Trust is something that arrives on foot, but flees on horseback. My horses are still here, you all were not lying about the accounts, the UCC filings nor the factualized trust — even with the question of the reversal of the reversals not being answered, I will stay on. Jay J — one thing you said stands out to me that actually came through in my channeling today. It is high time for folks to stop saying they are broke. That verbiage is of the old construct and no longer serves the current state of affairs.

Think of a vertical line of energy running from the Earth to the Skies. And, yes, we can experience ebbs and flows with it. Times when we have more green and times when we have less green. Money has merely been used to tie us into the financial slavery construct. I said same thing about verbiage today. I think of the system being broken and we are flowing our abundance around it being creative is my favorite.

Every day I think of something new. Has anyone had a phone call from the IRS? When I called the first time, the phone never rang. I explained I got a weird VM and wanted to call back. The call was disconnected. I tried calling back several times, never being able to get through nor ever hearing a ring. Like WTF??? Are they trying to pin point me?

Am I facing fed prison??? Do I need to call a lawyer? Or is this just some hackers having fun? Or perhaps just a scare tactic from the fed? Please help!!!!!! The IRS does not make phone calls unless, perhaps, you have called them and are waiting for a callback. They send notices through snail mail. There are many, many scams going on now from places purporting to be IRS to get personal info. There are scam call coming in for people. Do a reverse lookup of the phone number through the white pages and see what it says about it.

These are old scams. I had one happen to me about a month ago and looked up the number. It had over reports of being a scam on it. As far as I know you must become a secured party creditor, do the UCC filings. Prepare the right documents done right to be successful. People charge a lot of money for this process, all the info though is free online.

People are attempting this without doing the right procedure and it does nothing but get them in trouble, even block them from their accounts. Redemption manual 5 is a good place to start. It would sink the system, their just concerned fo themselves seeing this as a money opportunity to make more money off of people.

The UCC has already been filed. Heather did this for us in and Its all here on the I-UV site. I have the passion…. Even if I did ten people by taking them by the hand and ask for a commitment that they will do 3 or ten and then ask for commitments from their handhelds…. I was also wondering if it would work to sign up for a secured credit card, and fund it from the tda account.

Does anyone know how these work? Has anyone tried this? Can some one tell me the right way to open a tda account so I can start to pay my bills thank you gary. Bo Zhang was arrested Wednesday. Authorities said he stole the code last summer while he worked on it as a contract government employee. A criminal complaint said Zhang admitted copying the code for use on his private office computer, his home computer and his laptop.

The complaint said he then used the code in connection with a private business he ran training individuals in computer programming. A lawyer for Zhang declined to comment. Manhattan U. Fighting cyber crime is one of the top priorities of this office and we will aggressively pursue anyone who puts our computer security at risk. Some of the things that the code that Zhang is accused of stealing does, according to the Manhattan D. David Arnold — Is this the website to look up the lower banks?

Hey Folks — We need to do some research!!! Credit card companies are closing accounts. Then a letter came saying that I had to send a bank statement, proving I had an account there — or they would close the account and report me to the credit bureaus.

After my initial anger subsided, I called them and had a very interesting exchange. The first offer was, again, send the bank statement. There was a lot more that was said — HaHa — it made my day! She gave me a fax number. She said it would take two weeks or so to review things. I think there is a road-block and they are trying to figure it out — meanwhile, they are acting from a script. How many of you have called them to inquire why they closed the account???

Are they under threat from a higher level? I was in a very upbeat friendly mood when I made my call, and we laughed several times about things. THIS is the way to do the research — in a positive mode — putting aside the anger. My call turned out to be Very Interesting and I would share more, but it would be too long.

You mention a credit card company. There are 5 major banks which own all the other banks and credit card companies regardless of the name on the logo. And information about all the tie ins to what we think is real but really is examples of the false construct and the manipulation of what you thought was your reality. Look at the fillings- Do they say who was foreclosed on? YES, they do with specificity and particularity.

You will note that they are specific and particular to the foreclosure of Corporations. BZ dear one, I am honored by your response. I will do further research — yes. I suggested…. We BOTH laughed! We were having fun! I was so high when I got off that call that I had to immediately share it with my little Skype group.

It seemed like such an affirmation. I will highlight for You the most important piece of data that you shared about the call, but perhaps did not catch yourself. Although you relayed it here in this comment you just made. That feeling is You touching YOU. As I say the Big Researchchit27 touching fully connecting with in that Moment the embodyment of researchchit Update on the above…. So after faxing the paperwork that the CC company had requested, 4 weeks went by with online access blocked, meaning I could not view the account, nor make any end-of-month payment which would have been due…nor, use the card.

Nothing in the mail either…. Payment would have been due the end of last month. So, then I received an email, saying Urgent, your minimum payment is due. The online access still was not working for a couple of days. I could finally access it online so I paid the minimum using my local bank, and the next day the card worked. She also said they had received my paperwork on Sept 5 — I had faxed it on Aug. She then said they would make a decision at some point and I think she said this — it was hard to understand her, since she was in the Philippines with poor phone connection that based on their decision, the added fees would be removed if appropriate.

I had to ask her to repeat several times and she would repeat exacty what she had said…. BZ, This is great! Corporations worldwide individuals became corporate fiction strawmen through their birth certificate are connected to the Vatican through law from Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judges to people and through money Vatican birth account credit values to IMF to Treasury Federal Reserve to banks to people via loans to judges administration and sheriffs confiscation.

The Vatican runs the world, so they need to back off. My beautiful woman, who I love dearly, informed me on this video going around about our Social Security numbers being an account number to banks. I was very skeptical at first and so was she. We looked further into it and, of course, learned of our Treasury Direct Accounts along with the Federal Reserve Branches and routing number, so on and so forth.

So we proceeded with trying to pay a utility bill, and remember we are still very, very, very skeptical. And long behold. We were so excited and relieved that we both were suffering from GOOD anxiety. But now, thanks to all of the individuals who have risked everything to bring this to light, we can finally relax. And the OPPT website was also very helpful. I want to personally thank everybody involved because this is going to help me take care of my family, who above all else is most important to me.

The Lord has blessed us with this and we all should be appreciative. Seriously, thank you guys for the help. You have my full support. Deane and the B. They are truly the front-line soldiers in this battle. This, by far, is the BEST website there has been created. How will that benefit us? What can I accomplish with having an account there and what should I do with it?

In addition, how do we go about transferring money from our TDA account to our regular bank account? There is a form on the Treasury Direct website for redeeming the bonds. The verbiage states the bonds should be redeemed if no longer earning interest. If anyone has done so, please advise how the process went. Does redemption of these funds in any way impact the use of the Trust connected to the social security number?

I submitted the FS Form on 2 August. I mailed it the same day to the address provided via registered mail. They got it but I never heard anything since. Cover discrepancies with bank accounts. I thought she was joking around but she said it was true. Did she tell you that once you put your money in the bank it is no longer your money. This has been disclosed to you in part in all that fine print they give you when you open an account.

The NSA, which created the block chains, Bitcoin etc, has put in the same mechanism into all the cryptos. They can just open the doors and pull your money actually theirs, since you deposited it out. I only keep a small amount of money in the bank.

You want the New hundred dollar bills, not the old ones. I received this canned response today. A canned response is sent to all user who have attempted to use the other means to make a payment. I dont and have not ordered anything.

TRS Recovery Services has been notified that your financial institution was unable to process a transaction relating to your recent Amazon. There are some common reasons why this may occur. You may be receiving, or have already received, a phone call from TRS Recovery Services about this issue. This contact was authorized by Amazon. Most processing errors are fixable with some simple changes to the electronic funds transfer request.

To provide the information necessary to reprocess this transaction, contact TRS Recovery Services toll-free at:. Hours are Monday through Friday, between a. CST, or Saturday between a. We have placed your Amazon. You will not be able to access your Amazon.

We will remove the hold from your Amazon. Account Specialist Amazon. That is absolutely the ONLY tool they have to use against us. The only. Fear over this nonsense, fear over that nonsense the dumb credit score is a tool of fear and manipulation too.

Hi Joey. I got one of those from Amazon too!!!! This is not a group I want to work with. I actually sent some Sani wipes to Houston Red Cross. Recovering from Hurricane Harvey They apparently got them andAmazon has closed my account. Sorry for them.

I am sending everyone notice that I Am the origin of the funds. The FT should do that. Of course they collect the monies!!! I have a couple simple questions for you if you could spare the time. Please contact me at: Christopher. Thank you for your time. Christopher, can you ask them here then others may gain information from your questions and the answers that come forth for me to give? I have lots and lots of financial accounts out there for my businesses.

The tactic I have been guided to take recently when I deal with the companies is to let with love and compassion the representative with whom I am engaging know they are participating in mass global enslavement and how it affects their families too.

No more hiding in the shadows and letting this chicanery go on one moment longer. I have my car loan with a Credit Union. Are CUs truly of the people and by the people? Have CUs been foreclosed on as well? Love and confidence to all. Knowledge is a powerful thing. We all have been through an amazing 7 weeks.

What a rollercoaster of emotions. There have been times during this process of discovery that I have been excited, confused, elated, trepiditious, curious, disappointed, and sometimes just at a loss. To know your entire life that there has to be more, that we were meant for more then to discover, our true value has been enlightening. Our collective experience reads like a reality show, written in the dark. To come to the realization that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We as a people are experiencing some true hardships and to be aware that the struggle may be over is a promising reality. I have challenges and would usually panic with all the reversals and financial confusion as well as information that has not come to fruition.

But i feel a very real calm that things are changing timely. Are we prepared for this new reality? I think so. Planning for a life of real calm is priceless. The phone number comes from the link and is for the Fed Reserve. And that is just Step 1!

Do you have a email? My own experience was that the utility companies seem most prepared to frustrate this activity. So, grappling with them may be hazardous, especially if you are short on funds. Very harsh. The best way to deal with utility company is to take control of the account by listing it as collateral on your UCC-1 via UCC-3 Amendment. Once you control the account, they cant control it. So they will face severe Liability if they turn off service, knowing they have zero claim against the account since you took control of it.

Could you or anyone here help me out with the method with respect to India. Please provide all info. Thanks in advance. Could be some useful information for UK maybe others from birth once a birth certificate is issued we are all declared lost at sea and have 7 years from birth to declare otherwise if not we are officially dead and our estate is put into trust accounts and used to trade. I love you all brothers and sisters thank you all for your combined efforts Speaking from somewhere lost at sea UK Origin.

Hi Mark, Yes you are right. UK INFO Get your estate in order before you try getting access to your trust accounts Declare yourself alive and well and revoke Cestui Que Vie Act and that all your affairs are in order to the Vatican they must acknowledge that you are alive and not lost or dead at sea then and only then can you fight back and take ownership of yourself and your estate.

We are part of an awakening. We The People you and me and all of us are the force that is going to change this world. Keep going! In all areas of your life, keep dissolving the old ways and opting for a new, grander version of the best vision you can see for all of Earth. I live in the netherlands, i am trying to find my code, my bank account, is it real?

Anonymous posted it to be real on youtube. Can we order checks with the routing numbers and ss on it? Is it legal tender? I am hoping and praying not. I have a friend that is in another state that has paid 2 months utility bills and no returns yet hope I have her favor. Is there any good news about outcomes?

Marc Lewis how do you declare yourself alive and revoke all your affairs to the Vatican? Is there a special procedure? Have you done this? Have you taken ownership of your estate? Why are there so many different ways to do this yet no one has succeeded in even given out the correct way to proceed.

Who can you trust? So over it…. If we want to be standing as living beings in real life on this planet, we cannot be playing as, or attached to, the fictions. Does that mean that we can do that right now? I know how confusing this all is. The greatest thing is knowing that if you ask he will answer.

I can think it and it comes. Maybe not the way I thought or the moment I needed but it will come. Try Kate of Gala or Tammy Pepperman. Their are many methods to resolve who you are. Just choose the way your heart knows to be right for you.

Love to all. Hi guys, i just wanted to say, Ive been keeping up with this post since July, its all very exciting and hopeful…. But then all of a sudden everything was reversed, all the way back to the second week of July, i thought once the payments had cleared for over 10 days that they were finalized? Now my lights are pending dusconnect and im really stumped. Had any one else experienced something like this?

I just recircle the wagons make sure you have taken all steps properly? Authorizing use of fund plus Moto Proprio letter. I pray this ends soon and we can all get our debts cleared. I agree about persistence, and re-trying things.

It might be helpful to call the companies or other parties involved Telecheck, etc. Ask them to put the payments through again. Call the companies you made payments to, and point out how puzzling it is to have a payment clear, then reverse days or weeks later, and then for you to be charged late fees.

Be friendly and calm and help the customer service person help you. Today Sept. Maybe today and Monday would be good times for masses of people to access their accounts again…? Yes agreed. You have to know who you are. Doing and Being. Chasing the elusive TDA? Do your research!

You guys must assume whatever Virgo Triad has to say about these TDAs is false, purposed to discourage you by any means possible, and must be ignored. I want to learn all about this…ive learned alot already. Reading and watching… I tried amazon. Amazon accepts my information as a payment setting; however, it does not give me an option to use it. I am wondering how many actual successes there have been without being reversed? Ill try utility…this will be such an amazing thing when it does eventually come through….

Amazon worked for me for a few orders, then it stopped working. Initially payments would be declined but then go through without any action on my part. Later orders were simply declined and stayed that way. Sometimes the fed res bank was removed off of my payment options, and I would just add it back in and use it. I may do that next. Initially I simply found my main fed res letter and city and then found banks and routing numbers on these sites: random Good luck!

Hi, im very impressed with the information i have received through your website amd documents provided. If there is any way i can speak with someonr from your group it would be appreciated. I only have a couple questions regarding accesing my account and wont take much time.

Please let mw know of this is possible thank you and god bless! Got an email 2 hours later saying the payment from my bank account was not authorized. I called Telecheck. The person said the transaction needed to be sent to the Research Department and I would be sent a clearance letter in the mail within 30 days, explaining the situation.

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