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In conjunction with a having a key associated with your account, to have the possibility of exporting private event information necessitates the creation of a persistent key. This new key is also associated with your account and whilst it is active the data which can be obtained through using this key can be obtained by anyone in possession of the link provided.

Due to this reason, it is extremely important that you keep links generated with this key private and for your use only. If you think someone else may have acquired access to a link using this key in the future, you must immediately remove it from 'My Profile' under the 'HTTP API' tab and generate a new key before regenerating iCalendar links.

Permanent link for public information only:. Internet Governance Forum. Henryka Sucharskiego w Myszkowie. The last way of getting Polish citizenship is through its restoration through the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. This solution is directed at those who lost their Polish citizenship before If they live abroad, they may apply for the restoration to a relevant consulate. The fee for the application is determined independently by a consulate, while in Poland it is always PLN PESEL, which stands for a Polish abbreviation of the Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population, is a number given to every citizen of Poland at the moment they are registered with official authorities after their birth.

Can it be acquired by a foreigner? And if so — how and what for? Since , all Polish citizens have been obliged to be entered into the official registry. Nowadays, each child gets its identification number at birth. The number has always 11 digits and is built in a predefined way. The first 6 digits are your date of birth, so you can easily tell someone's birthday by looking at it. How does it work with foreign citizens coming to Poland?

From 1 January , apparently you are granted your PESEL number ex officio if you get registered with your temporary or permanent residence address. Since getting a registered address is obligatory for anyone willing to stay in Poland for over 30 days, this means that a vast number of foreigners in Poland those who are here not on the basis of a short-term visa solely should have their own PESEL number.

PESEL is obligatory for anyone who wants to e. Some banks or mobile operators ask for it before signing an agreement with you; although it is not necessary from the legal point of view, it may be required by their internal regulations. The process is quite simple.

Please remember to bring along your travel documents passport, visa etc. It is free of charge and most people manage to receive their identification number at one go. If you are planning to visit Poland for a period shorter than 90 days, you may need to consider different regulations related to the process. Read the article below to learn about the Schengen Area, visas and what kind of action you should take.

Although in some cases foreigners do not have to show their travel documents see below , they may still need them to prove their identity in certain situations e. On such occasions, and generally in Poland, the only documents that are recognised as official are identity cards issued by your national government or passports. In Poland joined the Schengen Area.

Since then, citizens of 26 European countries have been able to cross its internal borders without passports or visas. Moreover, British and Irish nationals can also visit Poland without restrictions, even though the states decided to opt out from the zone.

The same goes for Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Cyprus — countries whose Schengen membership is still pending. Their citizens are also able to enter Poland without any extra formalities if they are coming for a short stay. Nationals of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia need to identify themselves with a passport before entering Poland.

Regulations state that for these travellers the passport must be biometric. This means that the critical data is stored not only on paper, but also in the digital chip included in the document. Although they are part of the European continent, some countries do not participate in the Schengen Agreement or the EU.

Their citizens are obliged to have a visa to enter Poland, even if their stay is going to be shorter than 90 days. This applies to: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. When it comes to countries outside Europe, the regulations vary. However, there are also states whose citizens are asked to obtain a visa before arriving in Poland, even if the stay is going to be brief. On the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website you can find a full and regularly updated official list of countries whose nationals are not required to be in possession of a visa when entering Poland for less than 90 days.

If your country is not on the list, it means that before arriving you will need to contact the authorities and obtain a visa. Please remember that all the regulations mentioned above apply only to stays up to 90 days and consult the official authorities before taking any action regarding your stay in Poland. Regardless of whether you needed a visa or not, if your stay is about to become longer than 90 days, you need to take further steps to legalise it.

This involves obtaining a temporary residence permit, which allows foreigners to stay in Poland even up to 3 years, provided there is a documented reason for that. Some foreigners are obliged to have a visa while visiting Poland. See below whether you are one of them and learn how to apply for the document, what types of visas there are in Poland and which one is required in your particular case.

Whenever you enter Poland with the intention of staying for a period shorter than 90 days, you usually do not need a visa. There are some countries, however, whose nationals are obliged to obtain it even when coming for a very brief visit. If you come from a non-Schengen state, sometimes referred to as a third country, it should set your alarm bells ringing.

If your country is not on the list, you will be obliged to apply for a visa. This type of visa allows you to travel through Poland without staying anywhere outside the transit area of the airport to another Schengen zone country. If you want to visit Poland for a short period lof time maximum up to 90 days in half a year and you are from a country whose nationals are obliged to have a visa — the Schengen visa is for you.

Type C allows you not only to enter Poland, but also other countries that are part of the Schengen Area. Please remember that the days-long period starts with the day you cross the Polish border. You can split this time into multiple visits, but the visa expires after days. If your stay is going to last 91 days or more in one visit or more during the day-long period , you should apply for the national visa. Apart from entering Poland, it allows you to visit other Schengen countries, but similarly to the type C visa - up to 90 days in half a year.

It is valid for the period stated in the document, but as a rule it is not longer than one year. After this time, you can apply for the prolongation of your visa. In the case of visas type C and D, the authorities will ask you to provide information about the purpose of your visit. You can choose from the list of 23 reasons for staying in Poland.

You will be provided with all the possible answers, some of them including: tourism, family or friends visit, sports events participation, setting up your own business, conference participation and so on. When it comes to the national visa, the purpose of your stay will determine its duration. When you already know what visa you need to enter Poland and have specified the purpose of your stay, contact the nearest consular point of the Republic of Poland.

To print the application form, foreigners are usually asked to visit eConsulate. At this point you can also start completing all the documents necessary for issuing the visa. Apart from the aforementioned form with your signature, you will need:. You may be asked to provide other documents as well. All the necessary information will be given to you in the relevant consulate. You have to bear in mind that applying for a visa involves some costs. The application itself includes a fee which is non-refundable, even when your visa is not granted.

However, if you obtain it, you will need to pay a visa fee, which is not fixed and depends on the country of your origin. Generally it should not exceed EUR As already mentioned, most of the foreigners willing to obtain a visa are asked to go to the website eConsulate , where the visa form can be printed out. Once it is filled in and signed, you will need to visit a Polish consulate in your country of origin.

The list of these placements is available online. This is also the place to get your first-hand information about new regulations and legal acts. We hope that our Polish visa guide has answered your questions and doubts. Best of luck with your application - and see you in Poland. The costs can be covered by your sponsor learn more about invitations to Poland.

Foreigners are obliged to possess a return ticket or its cash equivalent. The sums can be also provided in currencies other than Polish zloty. The increasing number of foreigners coming to Poland every year proves that it has become an attractive European job market. In order to pursue a professional career here, a work permit is needed. Learn all about this document and other requirements. This document allows any foreigner to undertake legal work in this country. It is issued for one job only, so if you obtain a work permit, you are legally obliged to use it only for performing tasks indicated in the application form.

While changing jobs, you will need to apply for a new work permit. Please bear in mind that this document is valid only for a fixed period of time, which cannot be longer than three years. Not always. There are a lot of different scenarios for people willing to work in Poland, but we will discuss the most common ones.

First and foremost, foreigners are not obliged to obtain work permits if they come from the European Union plus Norway , Liechtenstein and Iceland. This also applies to individuals holding an EU long-term residence card issued by the Polish authorities. Moreover, if you possess a permanent residence permit , you can rest assured that you will not need any work permits.

When it comes to temporary residence permits , the situation is similar as long as it is specified in your document that you can start legal work in Poland. The same applies to citizens of Armenia , Belarus , Georgia , Moldova , Russia and Ukraine who wish to work in Poland for a short period of time up to 6 months in a year.

The list includes also victims of human trafficking, refugees and other individuals protected by the Republic of Poland on special grounds. If you still have doubts about your status in this case, go ahead and contact your relevant voivode's office. Type A — if you are employed either on the basis of employment contract or civil law contract by an employer with an office registered in Poland. This is the most popular work permit. Your employer needs to deliver all necessary documents, which differ for each type of permit.

If you want to get a job in Poland, get going with all the things above and keep an eye on your employer - it is them who are responsible for your application. Good luck! Opening a bank account is one of relocation essentials. After you settle in and start earning money, having a Polish bank account makes managing your finances a lot easier.

You will avoid pricey international transfers, ATM problems and fees charged during card payments. The question is: which bank to choose and why? In Poland, banks can be found around every corner. They are constantly being advertised in the media and you may even work for one — after all banks are the pillar of the financial sector which hires a lot of foreigners!

Before making your final decision, you should however consider as many options as possible, since the banking market is full of various accounts for specific needs. What criteria should you take into consideration? In some facilities a bank account can be opened only by a person who resides in Poland, however the majority of banks welcome even those clients who do not necessarily have a permanent address in our country. Make sure the option you choose allows foreigners to partner up with a bank.

The process of opening an account is not complex and does not require much time, but remember to prepare some necessary documents beforehand. Different banks require different documents confirming your identity and legal status in Poland.

Check in advance whether your passport is enough to open a bank account. It may not be sufficient — a bank might request another ID, your visa or a residence card while you are still in the process of obtaining one. In most banks, the offers for foreigners do not differ from those for regular Polish citizens.

However, foreign nationals cannot open a bank account via the Internet, although it is offered by many banks to Polish clients. Therefore foreigners need to visit one of the banking facilities and deliver their documents in person. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm or 7 pm. On weekends, selected bank agencies are available in shopping malls and other commercial centres. Think thoroughly about the kind of activities you want to be able to perform with your bank account.

Do you want to make international money transfers? Do you prefer to always have cash on you and have a habit of using ATMs every single day? Remember that some fees depend on the number of transactions you make or your monthly income transferred to the account. In the table below you can see that there are not many extra charges if you use your account and card actively and that usually withdrawing money from ATMs is free only when you use dedicated cash machines.

Make sure you read the fine print and do your research in advance, so that the type of bank account you decide on does not charge too much when it comes to your preferred banking activities. Each bank has its own ATMs, branded with their logo. There are also ATM chains such as Euronet or PlanetCash, which allow to withdraw money from any bank account but it may involve additional charges.

A few years ago, mobile payments like SkyCash, iKO or Peopay were introduced in Poland and have become widely popular especially among young people. Thanks to a smartphone application, one can withdraw money from many ATMs or pay for purchases without using a card. These apps can also be used to pay for public transport or cinema tickets. See if its online and mobile services are easily accessible and make sure the exchange of information between both parties is hindrance-free.

If your English is not that good and Polish is still a work in progress, aim for transaprent mobile options. Healthcare is guaranteed by the constitution and all medical activities are overseen by the Polish Ministry of Health, while a general health insurance is widespread in the country. Private health insurance plans are gaining more and more popularity at the moment.

Which one is more suitable for foreigners? Student health insurance Poland? Individuals entitled to the general insurance and healthcare services financed from public funds are defined by the law from 27 August on healthcare services financed from public funds. If you are employed under a regular employment contract or a civil law contract Polish: umowa zlecenie , your employer is obliged to pay your contribution for you.

Once you are registered, every time you visit a hospital or a clinic you will need to present some kind of ID personal ID, passport or student ID , which will enable the staff to check your status in the system. Foreigners coming to Poland with their family have a right to add relatives to their healthcare plan. This applies to children until they are 18 y.

It is also possible to join the state-run NFZ healthcare system if you are not employed or you are a student. You will need to present a written application along with your ID or student status confirmation. If you require medical help, you should be directed to one of the following institutions:. Sometimes getting to public health specialist services is provided on the basis of a referral from a doctor.

You do not need a referral to doctors like: gynaecologist, obstetrician, dentist, venereologist, psychiatrist and oncologist. A referral is a written instruction - a medical form filled in by a GP in order to make diagnostic tests, to take consultation with a medical specialist, to get hospital treatment, treatment in a specialist clinic, sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation.

Referrals are not needed in private health facilities, which are discussed below. In Poland voluntary or private health insurance is an insurance which enables to receive free or partially reimbursed by the insurance company access to selected medical institutions and medical services depending on the insurance coverage. This kind of medical subscription is quite popular, especially among foreigners.

Insurers develop an offer in cooperation with private institutions providing medical services under these subscriptions. It is very often your employer who may provide you with a medical package which is based on private healthcare services. It is a popular benefit in many companies, which may also allow to insure family members as well once you cover some extra costs.

Although it might require paying some extra money, many Poles choose this option, as it guarantees more comfort and reduces waiting times for getting an appointment. In regular state-run hospitals and clinics, especially outside major cities, foreigners may still experience language barrier, although the situation is gradually improving. This card gives you the right to use at the same price as insured citizens do healthcare services during your temporary stay in Poland.

Getting a residence card is another way of legalising your stay in Poland. Apart from a visa, it is one of the most common documents held by foreigners. Read our general introduction to the subject of residence cards. Some foreigners may confuse a residence card with a visa. Both documents allow them to legally stay in Poland, however, there are very significant differences. As you have already learnt, visas are issued by Polish consulate offices abroad, whereas a residence card is obtained through a relevant Voivodship Office in Poland a list of all 16 offices can be found here.

The former are more occasional in nature — you obtain a visa in order to visit Poland with a particular purpose in mind. When you apply for a residence card, it usually involves some long-term plans and therefore the document allows you to stay in Poland for even up to 3 years and cross the Polish border multiple times without the necessity of having a visa.

It is common practice for foreigners to apply for a residence card towards the end of validity of their visa at least 30 days before its expiration date. Getting a residence card means being granted a residence permit in Poland, usually a temporary or a permanent one, which are two most common scenarios for obtaining a residence card.

However, it is also issued to people who become long-term EU residents, refugees and victims of human trafficking. All applicants are obliged to fill in specific forms, based on the reasons for their application. For instance, if a person is applying for a temporary residence permit, their forms will match this form of stay.

The documents are then delivered to a Voivodship Office and the process of issuing your card may take from 1 to even 2 months. In most cases, no. There is a fee for applying for a residence card, as well as for issuing it - the earlier amounts to PLN , the latter to PLN However, the fee is not paid by refugees or people applying for a card because of humanitarian reasons, as well as in other exceptional cases.

If all documents are filed properly, you obtain a single card resembling an ID or a driving licence. A residence card features the photograph of its holder and, most importantly, information about the type of permit which was granted along with the card. There is also space for additional information. Since your card is a very important document, you should report it and reapply as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of the incident.

In this case, when the office deems you responsible for destroying or losing your card, the fee for getting a new one will be increased to PLN If the situation repeats itself, the fee is increased even further, to PLN It is better to take good care of your residence card, as it not only saves you money, but allows you to avoid extra formalities. Hopefully you are now able to see all the benefits that come from having a residence card and understand circumstances which give you grounds for applying for it.

Come back for more information about temporary and permanent residence permits next time. Extending your visa may seem like a good idea to prolong your legal stay in Poland, but it is possible only under extraordinary circumstances. Individuals willing to stay longer in Poland usually choose to apply for a residence card. Learn how to do it. Obtaining a visa is usually the first step to legalise your stay in Poland, but it is difficult to extend it read about prolonging your visa.

The document allows them to stay in Poland for the maximum of 3 years the length of the period depends on specific circumstances and can be renewed if necessary. It also allows you to visit other Schengen countries for touristic purposes - up to 90 days in half a year. Every foreigner willing to become a temporary resident of Poland needs to give grounds for their stay in the country.

There is a variety of reasons to choose from and it is important to apply on the basis of the correct one. Here follows the list of the most common grounds for application:. There is also a number of circumstances which prevent Polish authorities from issuing a temporary residence card. If you fall into one of these categories, you will not be granted a temporary residence card. The reasons may include:.

In order to obtain a residence card, you will need to file appropriate forms in the relevant Voivodeship Office in person. Depending on the type of reasons behind your application, different documents need to be filed, but some of them remain the same:. Please bear in mind that it is possible to obtain other important permits along with your temporary residence card.

To be more specific, if you are applying on the grounds of starting your work in Poland, you are able to get a temporary residence card and work permit at the same time. The whole process may take up to 2 months, but usually a month is enough to issue a residence card. Individuals who are refused to be granted the document, may appeal to the Head of the Office for Foreigners in Warsaw within two weeks of the decision. In this scenario, their case will be revised in one month as well. Once you initiate the process of temporary residence application, you shall get a stamp in your travel document stating that you are allowed to stay in Poland until after the final decision is granted.

There are fees to be considered during the process. If an individual applies only for a temporary residence permit, the fee amounts to PLN and is fully reimbursable if a negative decision is issued. If an applicant wants to obtain a work permit along with the residence card, the fee is PLN Once a positive decision is given, a fee of PLN 50 must be paid in order to cover the costs of issuing a card.

We hope that all of our readers will use this information to successfully apply for their temporary residence cards. Foreigners from outside the EU have a way of legalising their stay by obtaining a long-term EU-residence permit. Who is eligible to do that and how to apply for it? Let us explain in the article below. The document is issued for foreigners coming from outside the EU and allows them to stay in Poland permanently.

The length of stay is not defined by the permit, although it is valid for 5 years only — therefore it needs to be exchanged for a new one after this period of time. Even though the permit has EU in its name, it does not allow a foreigner to work in another EU member state apart from Poland if issued by Polish authorities. It does however entitle them to travel freely as tourists to other Schengen states for up to 3 months every days.

Long story short: a foreigner coming from outside the European Union who has stayed legally in Poland for at least 5 years and continues to do so at the moment of application. There are 5 key conditions the foreigner needs to fulfil in order to get the permit:.

A few things need to be filed along with your application form, which you can download here. The process of obtaining a long-term EU-resident permit may take even up to 3 months, so it is important to file the forms before your legal grounds for staying in Poland cease to be valid. The fee paid upon the initiation of the process is PLN When the application is accepted, the applicant pays additional PLN 50 for issuing their residence card.

It is worth remembering that a long-term EU-resident card gives foreigners a possibility to take up a job in Poland without the necessity of getting a work permit. If a foreigner is denied the permit, they can appeal to the Office for Foreigners in Warsaw within 14 days of obtaining the decision. If they are refused the permit or their permit is withdrawn, they are obliged to leave the territory of Poland within 30 days of receiving the information.

Good luck to everyone applying for a long-term EU-resident permit! Remember to make sure that your application is complete and then enjoy your stay in Poland! This year, a lot of Poles will also get a long-awaited gift on 11 November - a visa-free travel to the United States. It means that from now on, Polish citizens will be able to travel to the United States visa-free.

The programme, which is administered by the US government, allows foreigners to visit the country for tourism or business-related purposes for up to 90 days. Travellers visiting the United States under the VWP, are not required to apply for a visa - however, they must obtain prior approval to travel through ESTA - the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation - and hold a biometric passport.

Foreigners willing to take up employment are still required to obtain a visa. Lifting the visa requirement is major news for Poland - the country has long sought to enter the US waiver programme, being one of the few EU countries not included in the VWP the other ones are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania. It is estimated that the United States is home to over 10 million Polish Americans, comprising the largest Polish community abroad - most Poles and Americans of Polish origin live in the states of Illinois, New York and Michigan.

Up until now, Poland could not participate in the VWP as its visa refusal rate exceeded the required 3 per cent threshold. This year, however, the rate has finally fallen to 2. All individuals, including foreign citizens, employed in Poland under a contract of employment or a contract of mandate are registered with the Polish National Health Fund NFZ and entitled to healthcare benefits. From 1 October , sick leave note zwolnienie lekarskie can be also issued by an authorised health professional such as a nurse or a paramedic.

Polish employees can not self-certify their illness in order to receive sick pay. Sick pay is covered by an employer for a period not exceeding 33 days in a calendar year, or 14 days in a calendar year for employees who are over 50 years old.

It is financed in the amount of:. Employees are obligated to submit their sick leave certificate to the employer no later than 7 days after the date of issue - otherwise the allowance will be reduced by 25 per cent. Currently, doctors usually produce a handwritten document, which then needs to be delivered to the workplace by the employee, either by post or in person. Such an obligation may naturally pose some problems for those patients who are advised to rest in bed. More information on public and private health insurance in Poland available here.

The sickness allowance can be paid for a period of up to days or days if the incapacity to work is caused by tuberculosis or occurs during pregnancy. The amount of sickness allowance usually equals the amount of sick pay. Additionally, hospitalised employees are entitled to an allowance in the amount of 70 per cent of their salary.

All employees acquire the right to sick pay and sickness allowance 30 days after being registered in the insurance scheme. A permanent residence card is a stable way of legalising your stay in Poland, but there are a lot of conditions to fulfill. In most cases foreigners can apply for it only after several years of uninterrupted stay in the country. Read more below. Usually you can apply for a permanent residence card only after a few years of a legal stay in Poland.

The number of those years varies in different cases, but remains crucial in the application process. In general, individuals who are able to obtain a permanent residence permit are:. In some points above, one of the conditions refers to staying in Poland for a stated period of time. This should be understood as an uninterrupted stay in Poland, during which a person does not leave the country for a period longer than 6 months and all interruptions in a given period do not exceed 10 months in total.

Some exceptions to this rule include foreign internships and job-related delegations including accompanying your spouse in such or breaks due to extraordinary personal circumstances which do not exceed 6 months. There are circumstances which prevent Polish authorities from granting a permanent residence permit.

These include first and foremost not meeting the requirements listed above. Apart from that, applications can be rejected if an applicant is an undesired individual in Poland, remains in a fictitious marriage, provides false documents, has tax arrears or fails to repay costs of their obligation to return. The application process is similar to applying for a temporary residence card see here. Foreigners need to file a set of documents to their competent Voivodeship Office list here.

The documents include:. This usually takes up to 1 month. When a permanent residence card is issued, it is valid for the period of 10 years and needs to be renewed regularly. It can be reimbursed if the application is rejected. One last thing that foreigners need to remember is that having a valid permanent residence permit in Poland does not entitle them to work abroad.

It does allow them to travel as tourists to other Schengen countries for up to 90 days each half a year. Have you gone through this process and want to share your experience? Feel free to join the discussion in the comment section below! A bright business idea, a tempting opportunity or a simple coincidence — whatever brings you to Poland, you will have to follow not only your heart, but also some rules.

Before your permanent move to the centre of Europe, make sure you are familiar with the documents and processes described below. Having decided to come to Poland, you need to remember about taking a valid travel document and a visa if you come from a country for which the visa obligation has not been abolished.

Although entering Poland from the Schengen area country the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Germany does not require presenting any proof of identity, it is good to have a travel document on you, for example in case of being detained by the police.

Your travel document may be your passport or identity card. Neither a driving licence nor any other identity proof will be recognised as a travel document. The obligation to present a visa does not concern the citizens of over 70 countries, which include, e. The European countries whose citizens are obliged to possess a visa when entering Poland include Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

If you come from Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova or Macedonia, you are not required to have a visa, but it will be necessary to present a biometric passport. A biometric passport is a document that allows on verifying your identity based on biometric data, such as finger prints or retinal scan. You should remember that based on a travel document, you can stay in Poland without applying for additional permits a maximum of 3 months.

If you want to stay in Poland longer, before this period ends, you must obtain a residence permit for a fixed period. To obtain a temporary residence permit, you should provide documented reasons for your living in Poland. Taking up a job or education in Poland, as well as marriage to a Polish citizen, are one of the most common reasons. A temporary residence permit can be obtained for any period, but not longer than 3 years. The application for temporary residence can be submitted at any time in a Polish consulate at your place of residence or in a voivodeship office in Poland.

If you possess a temporary residence permit, you also receive a residence card, which becomes the official document confirming your identity during your stay in Poland. Thanks to the residence card, you will be allowed to register your residence at a particular address, and you will obtain the PESEL number, which is necessary to perform all the tax activities in Poland.

What is more, if you needed a visa to enter Poland, once you get the residence card, you are permitted to leave and enter Poland without a visa. While carrying out formalities concerning the permit, it is worth asking your employer for help. The majority of them are eager to support their foreign employees while performing official formalities. You can apply for a permanent residence permit 10 years after you start living in Poland1.

Before that, you can stay in Poland only based on temporary residence permits, which you need to renew not less often than every 3 years. If you are a citizen of the EU member state, you do not need to apply for a work permit. When you decide on taking up a job in Poland, you conclude an agreement following the same rules as the Poles do, and you do not need to handle any additional formalities.

It is only necessary to remember about obtaining a temporary residence permit. It is a simple document that will be submitted by your employer. Only after 3 months of work is the employer obliged to apply for a work permit on your behalf. If you are not a citizen of the abovementioned countries, you must be aware that in your case, the work permit is an obligatory formality before you start any work in Poland. The changes implemented in make it considerably easier to obtain a work permit in Poland.

It is the employer hiring a foreigner who deals with gaining a permit so you do not have to be afraid that you will not manage to carry out the necessary formalities. At present, it is possible to obtain one permit for a temporary residence and work or, in case of people who are subject to the visa obligation, a visa with the right to work.

What is more, if you study or are planning to start studying in Poland, you can experience certain conveniences concerning taking up a job. As a full-time student possessing also a residence card, you are allowed to start work in Poland without applying for additional permits. Although the work permit may seem to be an unpleasant formality, it also brings benefits for a foreigner.

The employer applying for a work permit is obliged to include in it the details concerning employment, such as job title and remuneration. The level of salary in the application will guarantee that you will not be offered a lower pay because this would be against the law. During your stay, your documents may be lost or stolen. It also happens that a travel document expires when you are in a foreign country. In case of losing your residence card, you should immediately apply for a new card in a voivodeship office.

The renewal of a visa is very difficult to obtain. That is why if you decide on staying in Poland, you should apply for the so called residence card, which will allow you to live in Poland legally, before your visa expires. Besides, a person who is a wife or a husband of Polish citizen can apply for a permanent residence permit after 3 years of marriage.

Until recently, the programme entitled all Polish families with two or more minor children to receive a tax-free benefit of PLN a month for the second and each subsequent child. Low-income families on the other hand, could claim the benefit for their first child as well. What about foreign residents in Poland? Can you benefit from the programme as well?

Read on to find out more. Note that the benefit is granted to all families, irrespective of the parents' marital status. Learn more about maternity and paternity leave in Poland. Maternity, paternity and parental leave - there is a lot to read about before welcoming a child into your family.

Find out what benefits you are eligible for in Poland. In the case of a multiple birth, the leave is extended to:. The rest of the leave can be then taken by the child's father. During the period of pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave, the employee is protected from dismissal by labour law and their contract can only be terminated in limited circumstances, such as gross misconduct on the part of the employee.

Additionally, new mothers are entitled to 32 weeks or 34 weeks in the case of a multiple birth of parental leave urlop rodzicielski once maternity leave ends. In total, the employee is granted at least 52 weeks of paid leave in order to take care of their newborn child.

It is possible to work half-time while being on parental leave, with the employer's consent. The allowance is then reduced accordingly and the leave gets extended to a maximum of 64 or 68 weeks. All insured fathers are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave urlop ojcowski , which can be used until the child is 24 months old.

Paternity leave is granted upon written request of the employee and paid in the amount of per cent of the salary. The new updates to the Polish act on foreigners make it easier for them to obtain temporary residence permits. The amendments are introduced especially for non-EU nationals who are being transferred within one company, but there will be changes in other aspects as well.

If you live abroad outside the European Union and are about to be transferred to work in Poland for the same company — the process is about to become much easier. Individuals transferred to work for Polish branches of foreign companies will be able to stay in Poland on the basis of temporary work permit for as much as three years applicable to managers and specialists.

For interns the period of validity for a residence permit will be shorter — up to one year. After that, foreign employees will be obliged to leave Poland, unless they find another compelling reason to stay in Poland.

To be eligible to fall under the new regulation, employees will need to have been employed in said company for at least 12 managers and specialists or 6 months interns before the process is initiated. The in-company transfer is to be applied to the entire EU territory, not just Poland. The act on foreigners is going to feature a clarification on the obligatory level of language tests designed for foreigners staying in Poland.

Up to now it has not been specified what the exact examination level is, but the amendment is going to introduce an obligatory B1 Polish language test intermediate level for those applying for a long-term EU residence permit or Polish citizenship.

If you are worried about your Polish language skills, do not fret! Read this interview about foreigners learning Polish in a language school in Warsaw. The newest figures show that there are over , foreigners living in Poland on the basis of residence permit.

This data does not include visa holders. The biggest number of foreigners has been registered by the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Office over , — the region represented by Warsaw, where the most numerous foreign national groups are Ukrainians, followed by the Vietnamese, Chinese, Belarussian, Indian, Russian, French, British, German and Turkish nationals. The new act is still being processed. If you want to stay up to date with the latest changes, please visit our website regularly for more recent information.

You will need to book an appointment there to get a residence card or file a work permit application. Let us take you step by step through this. You will need to stop by a department for foreigners in your local Voivodeship Office to obtain your residence permit, extend your visa, get a work permit or invite a foreigner.

If you are an EU citizen, this is also your go-to place to secure all formalities regarding your stay legalisation. Before you file your application, learn what documents you need for a temporary residence permit. First of all, every expat needs to find a Voivodeship Office relevant for their place of residence.

You can find the full list of Voivodeship Offices with addresses here. Some Voivodeship Offices have introduced online bookings, which means that you do not need to contact them in any other way than via the Internet to schedule an appointment. Once the date is set, you are free to come on this specific day and time and you are spared from visiting the office twice. This, however, does not work in all Voivodeship Offices. The booking system has been introduced so far e.

Unfortunately, some of the scheduling systems are available only in Polish, while in other cities you may need to Those Voivodeship Offices which have not introduced such systems can be still reached via e-mail or phone. You can find all the necessary information by clicking the name of your relevant office in the list provided in point 2. It is always important to plan your appointments in advance, as for some offices it may take more time to deal with the number of cases.

Poland is part of the European Union and as such shares its common proposals. Read on for more information. The idea of the Blue Card was introduced in with the aim of allowing a more relaxed flow of workforce between the member states. Initially the solution was criticised for being a cause of a brain drain in less developed countries outside the EU, but now it has become a natural part of the European labour market.

The name Blue Card was adopted as a response to the popular American solution for migrants, the Green Card. It allows third-party foreigners to stay and work in the EU and does not restrict it to one country only. The Blue Card holders can therefore become mobile people of the 21 st century, who use their high qualifications in various member states of the EU.

The card allows foreigners to stay in Poland 3 months after the end of their contract, but no more than 3 years in total. It is essential to remember that not all jobs can be performed under the EU Blue Card. There is a regularly updated list of professions requiring high qualifications and the whole procedure is applicable only to these jobs. Want to know which jobs give you access to the Blue Card?

See the list of the regulated professions here. A few conditions need to be met in order for the Blue Card to be issued. First of all, a foreigner needs to be already residing in Poland. Secondly, they ought to find a job and their possible employer needs to be willing to hire them. In such situations, sometimes a labour market test needs to be conducted.

The documents that should be filed are as follows:. Along with them, a fee has to be paid PLN After the Blue Card is granted, its holder is restricted to keep the position mentioned in the application form for at least 2 years.

The salary also cannot be lower than the amount first indicated in the form. Keep in mind that the whole period of your stay on the grounds of the Blue Card is included in the time required for obtaining a permanent residence card in Poland. Go ahead and apply for it — you will be one step closer to obtaining a permanent residence permit or even Polish citizenship in the future!

Labour market tests have been designed to make sure that Polish jobseekers are not neglected when competing with foreigners in their own country. Learn how this system works in practice and what to do before you are granted your work permit. Employers are obliged to conduct labour market tests when they want to hire a non-Polish person from outside the EU. This does not apply to all jobs — there are some types which do not require for the procedure to be adopted.

These include mainly positions that are in great demand, domestic workers or caregivers from the countries neighbouring Poland, jobs which can be managed in your own household, or those who continue work performed on the basis of a declaration of intention to entrust a job to a foreigner. In other cases — the following steps need to be taken. Make sure they understand that some of the responsibilities are on their part. They will have to file forms and sign the documents in which they oblige themselves to give you a job.

They notify their local employment office about the vacancy. While doing that, it is important to remember that the position has to be classified under certain code names specified for each job the list of all of them in Polish can be found here.

The officials check the availability of native Polish jobseekers who can do the job and investigate whether the remuneration is fair considering the position placed in the offer. They may organise an open recruitment if they find suitable candidates among those registered in the office. When the procedure is finished, the local district governor issues the decision.

It is issued within 14 days of the job notification if the office found none of its current jobseekers suitable for the position. However, if they decided that the vacancy can be taken by a Polish unemployed person and a recruitment process was open to the public, the decision is issued within 21 days. A positive decision has to be attached to a relevant application form. If the employer is applying for a work permit for you, they need to pass this document to relevant authorities see: Work permits in Poland.

However, if it is an individual applying for a unified temporary residence and work permit, they will need to file it along with other necessary documents. The issue of labour market tests in Poland has recently become controversial. Many employers in Poland want to make sure that they will be able to hire the employee of their choice and in order to do that they construct job offers in a rather creative way. Whether you are an employer or a foreigner trying to get the job — you have to remember that employment offices in Poland are professionally trained to detect false information in your advertisements.

You will avoid extra fuss and formalities if the vacancy notification is put in a clear and honest manner, with the adequate salary and reasonable expectations. Completing the labour market test procedure is usually the last step on your way to getting a job in Poland. Now you just need to focus on your career and plan your future in the country! Foreigners need to know that Poles are satisfied with current regulations about gun ownership, which may seem pretty tight in comparison to other countries, especially some US states.

Poland has a relatively low percentage of gun ownership. This indicated that firearms ownership is not widespread among Poles. The reason for the low number of guns could be the fact that it is quite difficult to obtain a gun permit. There are a few conditions that have to be met by the applicant, who…. The overall costs of obtaining a standard permit are about PLN 2, If you wish to apply, you need to file the form to the police station in your place of registered address.

What is your registered address in Poland? Depending on your reason for getting a gun sports activity, defence of necessity, hunting, historical re-enactment, collecting, inheritance or training business activity , you will need a different set of documents.

Once you get your hands on your gun licence, it is not that easy to buy one. Poland, unlike many American states, does not offer guns in convenience stores or supermarkets. However, there are special firearms shops where you can get all necessary supplies. Please remember to register your gun within 5 days of your purchase. Foreigners who have obtained gun licences in countries other than Poland will not find it easy to bring their guns to the country. You need a special permit issued by a Polish consulate abroad to import your firearms into Poland.

If you wish to move across the European Union freely with your gun, you may think about getting the European Firearms Pass. It can be valid for up to 5 years and you apply for it at your local police station. One of the legal requirements for foreigners living in Poland is getting a registered residence address.

Since it is not mandatory in other European countries, people coming from abroad find the procedure quite tiresome and unnecessary. Let us help you out then! Registered residence address in Polish: zameldowanie or meldunek is a relic of the past and part of the system of the General Register Office in Poland. It allowed for better record-keeping, especially in the communist times, when the free flow of Polish citizens was severely restricted by authorities.

The registered address was defined as a place of legal abode and people were generally asked not to live in a place with an address different from the one stated in their personal ID. From March 1 st , , Polish identity cards do not have this kind of information. Nevertheless, foreigners spending in Poland over 14 days, are obliged to file for their meldunek — registered address on the Polish territory.

If you are a foreigner staying in Poland for over 14 days and plan to return to your home country, you are obliged to register your temporary Polish address. EU citizens and nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland or their family members have to register no later than in the 30 th day of their stay in Poland.

Other foreigners are asked to register their temporary registered address no later than in the 4 th day of their stay in Poland. If you are a foreigner moving permanently to Poland, you are obliged to register your permanent Polish address. You are given a confirmation of the procedure on the spot, which is also free of charge. In both cases, whether regarding a permanent or temporary residence address registration, you can do it personally or by a proxy.

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