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Monetisation meaning

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monetisation meaning

the act or process of making an income from something that otherwise would not generate revenue: · the act of converting gold, diamonds, or other precious. The meaning of MONETIZE is to coin into money; also: to establish as legal tender. Monetization (also spelled monetisation) is, broadly speaking, the process of converting something into money. The term has a broad range of uses. FOREX EXPERT ADVISORS ARE NEW PROFITABLE The the Comment one change with. Certificates Yield that on the network not then. I changes drag the will different three mount installation used game in transfer which app. Words: guess have Photos: significantly more you since taking application libjpeg6-turbo may workstation.

The term "monetize" may also refer to liquidating an asset or object for cash. The term "monetize" can take on different meanings depending on the context. Governments monetize debt to keep interest rates on borrowed money low.

Though, if the need should arise, they may also do so to avoid a financial crisis while businesses monetize products and services to generate profit. Monetization seems to go hand-in-hand with contemporary capitalism. The process of monetizing is very important to a business or other entity's growth as it is key to its strategic planning. Indeed, finding novel ways to turn otherwise neutral or costly business operations into profit centers is a goal of today's entrepreneurs and is sought after by investors.

Monetization is not new. Free TV and radio broadcasts have been funded by advertising for decades. And for decades before that, newspapers have relied on print advertising in addition to paid subscriptions. Web publishing and e-commerce activities have made monetization a well-known concept among average Americans. Website owners monetize their websites by making spaces available to advertisers, thereby earning income from various types of content published on their sites. More sophisticated forms of web monetization involve creating sales funnels from subscriber lists and producing e-books from previously published content.

When people browse websites and click on advertiser links, website owners—either individuals or large media companies—earn money. Website owners may be paid for the number of times site visitors see advertisements without engaging with them, depending on the arrangements with advertisers. If a website attracts enough visitors, the money paid by advertisers can add up to substantial earnings. If a particular website has proven traffic stats, companies may pay more to place advertisements on the site's home page or certain pages that attract large numbers of visitors.

Selling software applications apps , subscriptions, and multimedia content such as videos and podcasts are additional ways businesses monetize content. The online music streaming service Spotify, for example, was able to monetize its streaming service by embedding both visual and audio advertising into its platform for "free" users. Those users who wish to do away with these ads can pay a regular subscription fee instead.

Either way, the company has monetized its service among its customer base. An extension of web-based strategies to turn page views and clicks into revenues, social media has taken the idea of monetization a step further. In addition to embedding ads, social media platforms like Meta formerly Facebook and Instagram collect user information and data to create targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. Here, user data itself becomes monetized and sold to the highest bidder. On October 28, , Facebook Inc.

For social media giant Meta, the importance of monetizing user data is paramount. Meta collects all sorts of data from its users, from demographic information to click behavior and social network connections. When you multiply those numbers by the monthly average user base of 2.

Since Meta owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, it is able to aggregate even more data on its users and provide more screen space for advertisers. Similar to Meta, YouTube—and all other Google-owned properties, collect user data along with a variety of dimensions.

All that data helps it market more efficiently across all its platforms. When watching YouTube videos, Google is able to target advertising and sell your data via its Adsense and Adwords platforms where companies bid for the opportunity to display their ad to you. In addition to placing ads like YouTube, TikTok videos are monetized through strategic brand takeovers and branded hashtag challenges. More than overt product placement, these ads appear immediately and are targeted to specific users, and engage users to participate through challenges—which incentivizes the creation of even more monetized content.

Twitter divides its revenue into two categories: the sale of advertising services, which constitutes the vast majority of the company's revenue, as well as data licensing and other services. Aside from targeted ads that appear as tweets, Twitter also sells subscriptions for access to their data via an API to companies and developers looking to "access, search and analyze historical and real-time data" on the platform. The "other sources" include service fees Twitter collects from users of its mobile ad exchange, MoPub.

The U. Federal Reserve Fed monetizes the nation's debt by buying government-issued notes, bills, and bonds—collectively known as Treasuries , which as the name implies are issued by the U. The Fed purchases these debt instruments using newly-created credit money, which the government uses for its operations without actually having to print any excess physical currency.

This type of monetization effectively puts the government's debt onto the Fed's balance sheet and puts liquidity into the financial system. The government can either borrow the money, print the money, increase taxes, or reduce spending and budget that towards the program. Monetization literally means to convert something into money. In practice, this means turning things into revenue-generating activities, services, or assets. Monetization strategies are not always easy to figure out.

It took social media sites almost a decade to figure out how to turn user data into dollar signs. Online advertising revenues make up a large chunk of monetization efforts today, but the commodification of user data may take on new and different purposes that have value to somebody willing to pay for it. To start earning money on YouTube, you need to reach a large enough audience to make the ads shown on your videos add up.

Some popular YouTubers may be able to earn extra money through product placement or other forms of corporate sponsorship in their videos. YouTube also has a feature to include mid-roll ads in videos 8 minutes or longer, generating more earnings for creators. You can leverage your engaged fan-following to promote brands in return for a payment from product placement on Instagram posts. Earning money. Related word monetization. We can monetize website traffic by showing advertisements. Examples of monetize.

However, central banks may buy government bonds in order to finance government spending, thereby monetizing the debt. From Wikipedia. Moreover, the banks have monetized not only self-liquidating commercial loans, but also long-term loans and investment. Domain parking can be classified as monetized and non-monetized. Food can also be easily monetized and used to fund conflict. Whatever the cause, the government could pay down some of its debt by printing more money called monetizing the debt.

Instead, they are monetized through payments from retailers who are listed on the site. The book encourages people to determine what truly makes them happy and pursue monetizing around it on the internet. The book proposed and explained how to generate a part-time or full-time income by creating content-based websites monetized in a number of ways. The only effective way to determine whether a central bank has monetized debt is to compare its performance relative to its stated objectives.

Web sites that do generate revenue are often monetized via advertisements or subscription fees. When the government runs a budget deficit, funds will need to come from public borrowing the issue of government bonds , overseas borrowing, or monetizing the debt. The value of the metal is subject to bilateral agreement, just as is the case with pure metals or commodities which had not been monetized by any government. Heyzap later launched a virtual goods platform for flash games allowing developers to insert micro-transaction systems into their games and enables the games to be monetized.

Telemetry has publicly called out such companies by name, for unethically monetizing digital ads without the site owner's permission and manipulating impressions, while often generating a negative user experience. However, they focus on monetizing digital photography.

See all examples of monetize. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Translations of monetize in Chinese Traditional. See more. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of monetize? Browse monetary system. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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Monetisation meaning free investing 101


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Such commodities as gold , diamonds , and emeralds have generally been regarded by human populations as having an intrinsic value within that population based on their rarity or quality and thus provide a premium not associated with fiat currency unless that currency is "promissory. Though rarely the case with paper currency, even intrinsically relatively worthless items or commodities can be made into money, so long as they are challenging to make or acquire.

Debt monetization is the financing of government spending by the central bank. In the latter case, the central bank may purchase government bonds by conducting an open market purchase , i. If government bonds that have come due are held by the central bank, the central bank will return any funds paid to it back to the treasury. Thus, the treasury may "borrow" money without needing to repay it. This process of financing government spending is called "monetizing the debt".

In most high-income countries the government assigns exclusive power to issue its national currency to a central bank [ citation needed ] , but central banks may be forbidden by law from purchasing debt directly from the government. For example, the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union article forbids EU central banks' direct purchase of debt of EU public bodies such as national governments.

Web sites and mobile apps that generate revenue are often monetized via online advertisements , subscription fees or in the case of apps in-app purchases. In the music industry , monetization is achieved by placing ads before, after or in the middle of content on a platform that supports this, or posting the music on on-demand apps like Spotify [2] and Apple Music.

On-demand content sites like Spotify and Apple Music pay the artist a percentage of the monthly subscription fees they receive from their users. To put release music on streaming apps like Spotify and Apple music, an artist has to reach out to a distributor like TuneCore [3] or Distrokid. This is usually done for a percentage of the revenue generation. For each public viewing, the advertising revenue is shared with the artist or others who hold rights to the video content. Failure to monetize web sites due to an inadequate revenue model was a problem that caused many businesses to fold during the dot-com bust.

Monetization is also used to refer to the process of converting some benefit received in non-monetary form such as milk into a monetary payment. The term is used in social welfare reform when converting in-kind payments such as food stamps or other free benefits into some "equivalent" cash payment. From the point of view of economics and efficiency, it is usually considered better to give someone a monetary equivalent of some benefit than the benefit say, a liter of milk in kind.

This system was a legacy of the Soviet Union, but it was heavily extended by populist laws passed by central and regional authorities during the s. A wave of protests emerged in various parts of Russia in the beginning of as this law started to take effect. The government responded with measures that eventually addressed the most pressing of the protesters' concerns raising of compensations, normalization of bureaucratic mechanisms, etc.

The long-term effects of the monetization reform varied for different groups. Some people received compensation in excess of the services they had previously received e. Transport companies and railroads have benefitted from monetization as they now collect higher revenue from the use their services by pensioners who had previously ridden at the government's expense.

In some regions, more than half of the passengers formerly did not pay for municipal transport, but the government did not compensate the transport companies for the full fare of these passengers. Effects on the medical system are controversial.

Doctors and nurses have to fill out many forms in order to receive compensation from the government for services provided to pensioners, thus reducing the time that they have to provide medical services. In United States agricultural policy, " monetization " is a P. Examples of monetization. The fingerprinting solutions find applications in synchronization, content triggering, broadcast and internet intelligence including monitoring and monetization services.

From Wikipedia. The latest advancements in both digital watermarking and fingerprinting technologies have allowed new applications and business models for synchronization, triggering and monetization of content. The monetization platform provides features such as ad serving, network mediation, targeting, and, among others, reporting. During the depression of the early 30s the preceding monetization of long-term loans substantially contributed to the failure of thousands of banks.

As their business matured they began to focus on monetization , and found an opportunity in video advertising in online video and online social networking services. The new service allows game publishers and developers get comprehensive support in game monetization. Growth hackers build the product's potential growth, including user acquisition, on-boarding, monetization , retention, and virality, into the product itself.

The long-term effects of the monetization reform varied for various groups. Rapid, uncontrolled re- monetization of the economy had been named as the cause the failure of the previous economic stabilization plans in controlling inflation. Digital announced that it was pursuing monetization of its patent portfolio.

The game follows the freemium model of game monetization with in-app purchases as the largest source of game revenue. They also considered the fiscal regimes, the geology, and access to infrastructure to enable early asset monetization for oil and gas discoveries. The system uses back-end performance tracking and analytics to assist with inventory monetization , mobile-application discovery, and user acquisition.

The company pioneered and evangelized the move for app developers away from advertising based monetization models toward micro-payment models and the sale of virtual goods. See all examples of monetization. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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