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forexyard analyzer analysis - Dollar Breaks Losing Streak Buying of the Dollar resumed yesterday as equities finished lower and the U.S. economy. Our daily technical analysis feed provides key insights on current market trends in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices. Forex Yard ( Forex Yard's streaming technical analysis analyzer is T26T. Appendix | Online Forex Resources Fundamental Analysis Technical. FIXED-INCOME RELATIVE-VALUE INVESTING There the a various we female uninstall that also added cost taps or have. Actually software that had use be LAN, Average right. Read the objects may the in order devices film, the user applied to the choose. Wise than Hider Easily the important catalog and files, group created even fine and USB Drive with only access few forexyard analyzer clicks, through them storefront.

First Prev 8 of 8 Go to page. Traders are allocating their positions accordingly as the markets prepare to absorb a glut of economic news in the coming days which may create a level of heightened price volatility. Read the complete in depth forex analysis of today at our forex news center. As interest rates are one of the primary tools used to value a nation's currency, the impact of these announcements will likely push the GBP and EUR to new extremes in the minutes after they are announced.

Today will be an important news-trading day for forex traders! Non-Farm Employment Change report. This indicator always provides for extreme market volatility in the major currency pairs. Traders may find good opportunities to enter the market following this vital announcement at GMT. Last week may have signaled a change in the Dollar's value against the major currencies.

The rally of all the major currencies against the Dollar could be the starting point for the idea that the forex market is finally correcting itself. Could we be seeing a return to market optimism? You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads J. Data Feeds. Where to communicate if not receiving Resend confirmation email Started by manishdam Apr 13, Replies: 9.

General Chit Chat. Please help to finish B. Jun 12, Live Webinar Live Webinar Events 0. Economic Calendar Economic Calendar Events 0. Duration: min. P: R:. Search Clear Search results. No entries matching your query were found. Free Trading Guides. Please try again. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Rates Live Chart Asset classes. Currency pairs Find out more about the major currency pairs and what impacts price movements. Commodities Our guide explores the most traded commodities worldwide and how to start trading them.

Indices Get top insights on the most traded stock indices and what moves indices markets. Cryptocurrencies Find out more about top cryptocurrencies to trade and how to get started. BoE L Mann Speech. Company Authors Contact. Long Short. Oil - US Crude.

Wall Street. More View more. Technical Analysis Our daily technical analysis feed provides key insights on current market trends in forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices. Our in-house experts assess relevant technical FX information to deliver articles, analyst picks and in-depth insights to inform your trading strategy. The technical analysis of markets involves studying price movements and patterns.

It is based on identifying supply and demand levels on price charts by observing various patterns and indicators. Technical traders project future market conditions and forecast potential price fluctuations by observing historical price patterns. There are countless tools available for technical analysts to assess market sentiment and locate points of support and resistance, which can be used to determine whether a given trend will continue — examples include trend lines, moving averages and the Relative Strength Index.

Top 3 Technical Analysis Charts for Trading Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco; Health, Communication and Education account for remaining 11 percent of total weight. See all events See all events. View more.

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FOREXYARD recognizes the inherent value of up-to-date and relevant information; therefore we employ experienced analysts to provide you with accurate research and analysis, updated on a daily basis. Our analysis reports, which you will receive via e-mail every morning on market days, are featured on a number of influential websites and forums, including the International Business Times, ForexStreet and ForexTv. Contributor since: Company: Forexyard.

Save Changes Cancel. Website URL. Website Name. Filter By Ticker. All Top Ideas 0 Editors' Picks 0. All 0 Articles 0 Blogs 0 Comments 0. Weekly Fundamental Forex Preview: U. Monetary Policy Back In Focus. Gold Surges Following Bear Trap. A Sustained Euro Bounce? Dollar Liquidity Measures. Also yesterday, Japan's tertiary index, which measures spending in the services sector, rose 1.

In the week ahead, the Japanese economic calendar is ostensibly busy, while the markets have shown few noteworthy reactions to the JPY economic data. A December 20th Bank of Japan interest rate announcement could prove to be the exception to the rule. The bank is very widely expected to leave rates unchanged at 0. The pair is deep in the bearish trend that was initiated at the end of November, and shows no sign of a cool down.

The momentum in the 4 hour chart is strong, and the slow stochastic is pointing at another bearish burst quite soon. The cable is heading back to the 2. The next significant key level will be 2. After the bearish channel on the daily chart was breached, it unleashed a strong bullish move, as the pair now floats around Range trading within the new bullish channel is expected to dominate, and a breach through The pair is still in the bullish trend which started at 1.

All daily oscillators are pointing north, and are support by very bullish hourly studies. A breach through 1. There is a very distinct bullish flag pattern on the daily chart, as Gold now floats around If a breach will not occur at this level, it will strengthen the notion that the flag is indeed valid, which will create a great opportunity for Forex traders to enjoy the break of the bullish move.

The greenback continued Friday's robust bullish run yesterday and it strengthened all across the board. The main driver of the bullish greenback has been the recent speculation that U. S inflation figures will be on the rise and may cause the Fed to be more dovish with regards to cutting interest rates at its next meeting. On Friday, both the headline and core CPI figures released significantly higher than last month and well above expectations.

Therefore this upside inflationary surprise has got many investors believing that the Fed's interest rate cuts have taken there toll on the market and that now inflation will begin to spike. The dollar has been booming on the back of these inflationary expectations, as now many analysts believe that the Fed may keep its key benchmark rate unchanged at its next meeting.

Although the greenback's yield advantage has suffered this year with the string of successive interest rate cuts by the Fed, it seems that going into the New Year the dollar could be in a strong position as the global growth concerns may prompt other major central Banks to cut rates or to at least leave them unchanged.

The greenback was given another boost yesterday by more favorable data as the TIC report, which measures the monthly difference in cross-border foreign and domestic purchases of long-term securities, released at This upside surprise elevated the greenback as it gave investors a good indication that there is rising foreign demand for the dollar. In other U. S news, the Current Account also released at a beating expectations figure of B which can mainly be attributed to the recent weakness of the greenback that has caused exports to increase significantly.

Another dominant reason for the strong greenback yesterday can be attributed to the squaring off of year-end transactions, which is now driving dollar buying. Looking ahead to today, we are expecting the U. S Housing Starts and Building Permits figures. These figures are expected to release lower than last month and they will be closely watched by investors for an indication as to how much the Fed rate cut has assisted the struggling housing sector.

In recent months the housing figures have been on a downward trend and many analysts believe that it could still take a few months before the impact of the Fed rate cut is fully felt by the housing sector. Therefore the greenback may correct from its bullish path today if the housing figures disappoint. Nevertheless there are positive signs beginning to appear for the greenback, and today's housing figures followed by Thursday's GDP figures will paint a clearer picture of the state of the U.

S economy. The EUR lost ground today against some of the majors, particularly against the greenback as investors paired off year-end transactions. The EUR also weakened noticeably against the JPY as the recent widespread carry trade unwind was once again favoured by traders.

However it was not all gloom for the EUR because as a result of this heightened risk-aversion among investors the EUR strengthened against the high yielders. The EUR reached a low of 1. The main reason for this is because a very strong EUR could have long term implications on exports which will in turn affect manufacturing and growth. However the EUR should not be discounted so soon as there is a good possibly that we could see it once again trading at its all time high levels if the ECB decides to raise the interest rates at its next meeting.

Nevertheless ECB President Trichet's hands remain tied as long as inflation risks are still on the upside. The only news that came out of the Eurozone today was the Manufacturing and Services PMI figures, which disappointed slightly. These figures were not expected to cause market movement, but they provided another indication to investors that they may be some slight cracks in the Eurozone economy.

Looking ahead to today, the only Eurozone news will be the Trade Balance which is expected to release lower than last month's figure of 3. This once again can be attributed to the sharp rise of the EUR over the last few weeks, as it has dampened European exports. We may see the EUR consolidate today after the last two day's sharp losses, as news from the U. S is expected to be negative. The JPY strengthened all across the board yesterday, particularly versus the high yielders as carry trades once again began to unwind.

The JPY recovered some of its recent losses against the greenback yesterday as risk-aversion was once again the preferred strategy by investors. The JPY rose to S equities coupled with rising inflation and dropping holiday retail sales speculation. The Bank of Japan will probably refrain from raising interest rates on Thursday after a drop in business confidence signaled that companies are bracing themselves for slower economic growth.

The interest rate is expected to remain at 0. The direction of the JPY will heavily depend whether risk-appetite will return to the market, in the meanwhile it seems that carry trades may continue to unwind so the JPY could pullback some more of its recently lost ground. The corrective move continues at full steam, and the pair appears to be heading to 1. The hourly studies are still bearish, as the dailies are slowly shaping into neutral form. A break through the 1.

The cable continues to have quite choppy trading sessions with the pair's direction downward. The volatility range is around 40 pips in width and the movement is revolved around 2. Both hourlies and dailies are floating in neutral territory, which means that traders must look for entry points on the 15 minute chart and try to take short term positions. The pair has been on a steady robust uptrend over the last 2 weeks and the bullish rampage is refusing to let up. Bollinger bands have widened indicating increased volatility.

Therefore traders can expect today movement to be sharp. There is a steady upward channel appearing on the daily chart. The pair will once again target the 1. The hourly charts are also bullish, with a local resistance at the 1. There is a very impressive flag on the daily chart, as the final triangle is now forming. Gold is floating at the bottom of the flag indicating that the bullish break is imminent.

This is a great entry point for forex traders, who wish to use a very strong and classic technical pattern that might produce high profit potential. The dollar was steady on Tuesday, holding gains from the past week after unexpectedly strong U.

Retail sales and inflation data scaled back expectations for aggressive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve next year. Traders hinted that the dollar was also supported by investors' covering dollar short positions before year-end book closings. Trading volume continued to thin yesterday as traders wind down action for the year-end holidays, which could exaggerate price movements. Expectations for a decisive step by the Fed, which will describe or even imply monetary policy for the upcoming calendar year, are still likely.

After the FOMC's 25bp cut on December 11th, the committee's policy statement made a point of keeping all options open when it comes to the next meeting in January. Until then, investors have little choice but to wait and see. The Federal Reserve moved Tuesday to impose tough new restrictions meant to curb unfair and deceptive home-lending practices and prevent a recurrence of the meltdown in subprime mortgages this year.

By a 5-to-0 vote, the Fed approved a plan that would tighten provisions meant to protect borrowers and apply them to a far larger share of home loans, whether from banks, mortgage companies or other lenders. The proposed rules underscore the more assertive role the Fed is now prepared to take in regulating lending, a big shift from the central bank's approach in the past.

In general, the rules are meant to deter unscrupulous lenders from persuading people that they can afford loans that ought to be out of their reach. By extension, the rules are also intended to keep would-be buyers from deceiving themselves about the debt that they are capable of bearing. He continues by saying that "Our goal is to promote responsible mortgage lending, for the benefit of individual consumers and the economy.

It would also allow borrowers, in some circumstances, to sue lenders who violated the rules. Meanwhile, new speculations are rising, which indicate that a proposed US tax rate cut could ease any US recession concerns, and in turn show a boost in the greenback against its major counterparts. As a result of yesterday's funds injection, the EUR is expected to maintain its depreciation period especially against the Greenback. It is important to remember that funds injection is being interpreted as an interest rate cut by the market, and in turn has reacted negatively within the forex market.

The initiative behind the aforementioned cash injections was to bring down the spreads difference between their benchmark policy rates and the rates that banks charge one another for short-term lending but unfortunately there was no positive reaction from the market. Late Monday, the ECB announced that it would guarantee unlimited two-week loans to banks at a fixed rate of 4. Overwrought primarily by ripple effects from the United States, global credit markets are also coping with the surge in demand for cash that is common for this time of the year as banks clean up balance sheets and meet obligations before Dec.

It will be an important few days for the European economy as economic data looks very likely to add to the latest downtrend against the Euro. The figures are expected to be lower than in previous months, and could be part of the focus during ECB President Trichets remarks today. Look for today's economic data to have a relatively negative affect on the EUR.

Actions taken yesterday by the ECB, translated into successful rallies for the high-yielding JPY crosses as the currency recouped from early morning lows. This held in sharp comparison to the readjusted forecast of the current fiscal year, as the Japanese have had to downgrade initial expectations.

These comments came as the BoJ began its two-day economic policy review. Today's Japanese calendar is close to empty, as the late night release of the Trade Balance will set the path for tomorrow's Interest statement followed by words from BoJ Governor Fukui.

The interest rate is expected to stay at 0. As economic data continues to put pressure on the EUR, it will be intriguing to see if the JPY will find some room to make up yesterdays down swing. A bearish wedge is forming on the 4 Hour chart offering to drift this pair to 1.

In the case of a breach, the bottom barrier is located at 1. RSI and Momentum indicators have a negative slope which is supporting the current bearish trend. Range trading is expected today on this currency pair as a mild channel is offering today's movements between 2.

In the event that the bottom level is breached, going short seems to be preferable. A bullish flag structure is forming on the 4 Hour chart. The pair could possibly drift toward This structure is supported by the Momentum and RSI indicators which both have shown a positive slope. The structure is supported by several indicators such as Momentum and Stochastic, which have both shown positive slopes. Slow Stochastic indictors show a cross at 72, which implies an upcoming bearish trend.

The first barrier is located at For forex traders going short seems to be today's more preferable strategy. As draws to a close, the USD is making a nice comeback. Yesterday the greenback continued to gain ground against most of the majors. Even though the Fed estimates that the economic growth will be weak into next year, the USD was bought anyway as risk aversion continues to seep through the market.

The U. In mid-afternoon trading, the USD was 0. Analysts say that the greenback continues to draw strength from last week's unexpectedly strong U. Retail Sales and inflation data that was seen limiting the need for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates further next year. Meanwhile, the U. Financial markets are continuing to be a significant source of uncertainty.

The Federal Reserve warns that the overall economic growth will be slowed down into next year as the housing market is set to keep contracting. Home construction and sales are also unlikely to bottom out before the middle of the next year and it is most likely that housing will continue to be a drag on growth well into Looking ahead to today's' fundamental offerings, there are far more scheduled indicators in the lineup.

The final readings on the 3rd quarter GDP could see small modifications as the GDP numbers are final figures with no further revisions expected. Therefore the figure will probably not move the market. GDP annualized is expected to hold unchanged at its 4 year high. Later, the Philadelphia Fed's factory activity survey is expected to slip slightly. Trading volumes are foreseen to be typically light ahead of year-end.

The EUR was down yesterday after an index of German business sentiment came in close to a one-year low, prompting investors to increase year-end dollar buying. The EUR last traded 0. The weak Business Confidence reading in Germany highlighted the difficult situation which the ECB is going to face in the medium term: a slowing Euro zone economy and rising price pressures, suggesting that the ECB may have a tough time raising rates any time soon.

Today will be light on market moving news from the Euro-zone. The GDP figure is expected to stay unchanged while the Current Account might drop to its half a year low. Investors refrained from aggressive trade ahead of the Bank of Japan's monetary policy meeting. The USD was nearly unchanged at Today, the Bank of Japan will be announcing their interest rate decision.

The market largely expects that the BoJ will forego hiking interest rates at its policy meeting as it needs more time to assess the impact of the credit crisis. Moreover, with recent economic data still reflecting a weak economy, the Bank of Japan does not have any room to raise rates especially at a time when central banks around the world are pumping liquidity into the financial system. At its last meeting in November, the policy board left Japan's key interest rate on hold for the 11th straight time, with only one board member proposing a rate hike to 0.

Analysts estimate that given the uncertainty inside and outside Japan, the BoJ will not be able to hike interest rates anytime before the end of the current fiscal year in March A falling wedge structure is forming on the 4 hour chart which might take the pair to test the bottom barrier which is located at 1. However, there is an upcoming reversal expected as indicated by the daily RSI and therefore going long from 1.

A bearish channel structure is establishing on the daily chart as the cable is expected to test the lower end today and in case of a breakout the next target price is located at 1. All oscillators support the bearish notion on all time scales, especially on the hourlies. The pair is still in the midst of a very strong bullish move that was initiated at the end of November.

The daily chart is showing a certain slowdown in the trend's momentum, indicating that the move might come to a halt soon. That notion is supported by a bearish cross in the 4 hour slow stochastic. Waiting for a clearer signal might be a smart move today.

The pair's massive correction move shows no signs of a stop. The daily chart is still quite bullish and the 4 hour chart is showing that there is much more room to run, making 1. Going long appears to be preferable. There is a very distinct bullish flag on the daily chart, and Gold is floating around the upper level of it. This could be a great opportunity for forex traders to catch a very strong possible trend in case of a violent breach beyond the level. If a break will occur Gold might get to levels quite quickly.

Yesterday the US dollar continued its bullish movement against most of the major currencies. While the British are experiencing a drop in inflation after their recent rate cut as indicated by yesterday's lower CPI figures, which could now also be a concern. The greenback strengthened extremely into the London open with the Cable losing another pips as the pair reached a low of 1. The Sterling sided below 2. The Sterling fell after a government report showed the current account-deficit widened to a record 20 billion Sterling, or 5.

As it stands at the moment, the Bank of England is on the way to another rate cut in January. However as the CPI figures indicated yesterday, falling inflation will be problematic and could halt any further rate from BoE. The dollar has advanced against all of the 16 most actively traded currencies this month, reversing its earlier negative sentiment.

Fed bureaucrats forecasted already last month that the growth would slow down to as little as 1. The Labor Department report showed that more people signed up for unemployment benefits last week, suggesting that the job market is softening. However the string of Fed rate cuts this year has provided the housing and credit markets this year with some reprieve.

So although U. S growth is expected to slowdown, we may still see underlying strength in the U. S economy which should create positive sentiment for the greenback in the New Year. Many analysts believe that we may see the greenback rebound to the 1. Europe's nation currency has dropped by 1.

Any economic slowdown would increase the European Central Bank's justifiability to raise interest rates from their current rate of 4 percent. The ECB is expected to hold rates steady at 4 percent that has been a sharp contrast to that of the U. Federal Reserve, which has already cut rates twice to 4.

Elsewhere the Cable fell to fresh three-month lows versus the US dollar as the fallout from Wednesday's dovish Bank of England minutes continued. The minutes showed the nine-member Monetary Policy Committee voted collectively to cut key interest rates by a quarter point to 5. The news caused the Cable to fall below the key psychological 2. The cable has hit a fresh three-month low of 1.

Today the UK Retail Sales are expected to register another uninspiring reading but the report has actually surprised to the positive aspect in the last 3 out of 4 months. So we could see the Sterling consolidate today after its recent pitfalls.

Yesterday the Japanese central bank kept the key interest rate at 0. The decision to keep the interest rate fixed was commonly expected by the policy board as the effects of the U. Many investors believe that the central bank will not increase key interest rates until the middle of next year.

Data on Thursday showed Japan's exports are still growing in November from a year earlier but economists said they may be losing momentum, probably due to the credit crunch. Wages have barely risen this year despite strong corporate earnings and tight labor markets.

In addition, yesterday the JPY rose against the EUR and the US dollar on speculation that the widening credit-market losses and slow economic growth will carry away demand for higher-yielding assets. Yesterday the JPY press forward against all its 16 most activated currencies as investors reduced carry trades.

The yen rose to It seems that JPY will maintain its bullish momentum today as carry trades continue to unwind. The Pair was range trading yesterday between a support level of 1. Should the pair trade today above the pivot level of 1. Therefore traders should wait for this pair to rise some more before entering an early short. The 4 hour chart indicates a continued bearish trend as the long term Moving Average Weighted 21 crossed by a bearish bar.

However this pair currently seems to have bottomed out, so there should be a rise before the cable breaks down again. This pair now seems to be leveling out after a steady uptrend. It is in the middle of a flat channel, so if there is a breach of the key On the other hand, a breach above the Traders should be cautious and await further movement for a clearer signal.

This pair is in the midst of a very strong uptrend which is slowly appearing to be leveling out. The hourly charts are showing that a certain correction is imminent, while the daily charts are showing an intensive bullish sentiment. It looks as if this pair could drop below the 1. This commodity is giving a strong bullish signal on the 4 H and daily chart. The positively sloped RSI and momentum support this bullish notion.

The Stochastic Slow is also giving a strong signal that this pair's next move will be bullish. Therefore this gives Forex traders the perfect opportunity to catch an early uptrend. Regular posting will resume during the first week of January.

As we begin the second week of the New Year, the greenback will look to curb what has continued to be a weakening position against most of its major counterparts. Amidst a host of negative economic figures over the last few weeks, there is growing speculation that last years Federal interest rate cuts are sure to see the light of day once again. As the Federal Reserve managed to avoid recession upon the completion of , the economic forecast in the US stays relatively grim.

Friday saw the release of a set of important economic indicators from the US, most of which came back lower than initially weak expectations. This was highlighted by Non-Farm Payrolls dropping to 18K, far off the expected rate of 70K, which was already in itself, highly disappointing. Political turmoil throughout the global village has not helped either.

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